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In this world it is hard enough to accomplish anything, let alone in an illegal industry, with a lot of scattered, distracted stoned people, including myself, with almost no money, but somehow I have got this far. Although this third edition is not quite as big, well documented, colourful, etc. as I had intended, it is better than the first two editions in many ways and you can rest assured that the next edition will be much more in depth and updated. This edition, though, should provide you with a good enough idea of why I am dedicating my life to this cause and what needs to be done to see it progress to the next stage.

Many of the ideas and opinions expressed in this book will disturb some people who have not been exposed to very much information from the sub-culture. Some will immediately label me as an evil influence, especially those who have not yet escaped from the constricting umbrella of traditional Western thought. I am well aware that my life may be put in jeopardy because I am critical of many powerful special interests groups. Those who control the corporations, governments and banks of the world may feel threatened enough to eliminate me because I hope to debase their power within the communities and minds of the masses. These threats, however, will not scare me into hiding or submission, and if I am to be killed for voicing my opinions, then perhaps it will validate everything that I have said in this book and in my life.

I would like to thank those who helped my with my book, though I am sure to forget a friend or two who has assisted me, and will probably regret having tried to make a list in the first place. I would like to thank Jah, my parents, Warren and Corinne, grandma Georgina, sister Susan, brothers Ken (Buck), Randy and (in-law) Bibber, nieces Kirstan, Hailey and Sara and the rest of my family,my love Marie Christofferson, Jeremiah Hanson, Kathy Trembley, Annette and Ryan Bushby, Laura and Zoe Casey, Chris Bennett, Sarah and Paul from Sacred Herb, Padra, Kathleen Cherrington, Jose Janechek, Markham Breitbach, Henry Boston, Doug Enquist, Mark Russell, Logan, Cory, Scott Johnstone, Lee Morrison (who helped edit this book), Con, Bob Moore-Stewart, all past and present Board members and buyers club helpers and Ozzy Ozbourne. These people have inspired and helped me beyond measurement.

I hope that my little book here gives you as much pleasure reading it as I received writing it. Though nothing is written in stone, I hope that some of my suggestions prove to be truths in your lives, as they are in mine. Peace and praise be to Jah.

Dr. Acidhead Ted

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