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Many, many, many things will change after Cannabis sativa has been brought back into mainstream Western society. How exactly it will come about is anyone's guess, but certain fundamental, simple principles must be applied, if any credibility is to be given to those who are presenting alternative ways of life based upon the plant. These fundamental principles do not include cutting one's hair, changing a nickname like Acidhead or anything dogmatic like that. These rules are matters of responsibility, self-respect and dignity. The leaders of the cannabis movement need to continually prove to both their adherents, and the un-believers, that those of us who sometimes like to get high can show respect and act with wisdom. We can show everyone that cannabis contains within it's nature almost all of the ingredients we need to heal ourselves and our planet, and by telling them this in the most sincere, genuine and serious manner, we can truly accomplish something great together. !

To build a dream of utopian world for hempsters would be futile, for everyone has their own idea of what the perfect society would be like and there is always another utopia, upon the original utopia, which you can create. So instead of trying to build and explain some ideal world, I will instead explore several different possibilities which have been hinted upon earlier in this book. Whether these things happen, when they happen, who will accomplish them, how it will occur or what is to become of it all are questions which I cannot answer. But there is no doubt that the wheels have been set in motion towards the destruction of the world as we know it and the opening of the YOUniverse. In the end we will, however futile it may be, try to predict what the average person might live like in the year 2012, which is when all hell is supposed to break loose, or the end of time or something like that. We won't know the real answer until we get there, which gives us roughly twelve years of hard luck and misery to go. Ah, we poor humans, as we quibble inside our heads about things which no one else sees, we wonder why we have such a hard time communicating with each other, let alone cooperate together.

One thing which will be quite different is our personal outlook towards our individual and planetary health. Once we start to eat hemp seeds as our staple food source, our bodies will start producing pure energy throughout our entire being. Eating hemp seeds will provide us with such a pure force of energy that we will be able to accomplish more every day towards improving ourselves while nuturing our environment. Hemp seeds will provide for us a staple with which we can feed the hungry, rejuvenate the weak and heal the sick. We will relearn together how to live in tune with Mother Earth by eating nothing but fresh plants, seed and fungi, while smoking fine herbs and consuming other power plants. More and more people are researching daily and practicing natural healing methods, while others are jumping on the bandwagon towards true health and love. It is inevitable that one day everyone will be on this health binge and it will spread wider and deeper as more is learned and shared. We will lose our alcohol and drug addiction problems because we care more about ourselves and the world around us. We will provide comfort to the poor and disheartened, while showing due respect to the earth.

We need to form our bodies into strong, flexible and clean machines so that we may have the best possible temple from which to trigger our consciousness into perceiving the Youniverse. This will be a very long process for us to accomplish as a species because there are many people who are very sick, disillusioned or otherwise not healthy and clear, and there is a great number of people upon this planet with few authentic healers amongst us. We need to share our experiences, wisdom and visions with each other as we collectively learn how to live as a healthy, vibrant global village. In all of our doings we receive back the love and affection we freely share. So if you totally and completely love the Youniverse, you will find yourself turning into an electric circuit charged with love..

Our social health too, will change. With everyone working less, because we can provide so many of our basic needs with one plant and improved technology, in a less stressful environment with open minded people, we will be able to spend more quality time with family and friends. We will share the work load and everyone should receive an equal amount of credit for each hour work. This way many of the pressures which ruin a person's willingness to work will be eliminated and everyone will want to cooperate because the better off the community is, the better off the individual is. As these invisible barriers which separate people from each other are taken away, the amount of cooperation within and between responsible organizations will be dramatically improved. Competition over.

Those corporations which do not help people working within their organization achieve higher states of learning, consciousness and free, healthy lifestyles are doomed. How much money you have or what your resume looks like will not matter any longer as much as your goal in life. What will matter is that you are a genuine person, that you care for yourself and those around you, and that you are willing to do your fair share in the work needed to create a better world. As this attitude spreads from individual to individual, organization to organization, those still living in the violent, competitive and power-hungry mind-frame will become more isolated and lost. Economic support will become channelled towards those corporations which show genuine concern for their employees, customers and the environment.

As more and more of us take this stand with our own personal missions and finances, we will slowly come together as a majority in our society because this view of life and social structure is by far the more intelligent and effective alternative. So as we better relate to ourselves and mother nature, we will to develop better structures within our work places because the boss will be seen as just as important as the secretary and we will all be able to relate to each other. We will all be able to sit down and share a joint over a cup of hot tea, dipping a shake cookie into it of course, to discuss our mutual feelings about our lives and the Youniverse, whether we are the mayor, a business man, a street musician, a bank teller, a dish washer or the king.

In case you haven't guessed already, in order for any of these predictions about the future to happen the systems of control which organize today's Western society must be completely eliminated. How the breakdown of this insane capitalist society will occur is a picture upon which more and more light is being shed each day, though the final straw could be anything from a natural disaster to a stock market crash. Whatever happens there is much to suggest that local economies will slowly begin to form which direct several different business people and societies into co-operatives. These local co-operatives will form the basis upon which communities empower themselves in spite of the federal governments and multinational corporations. And as these groups of people begin to better communicate with other like-minded organizations, we will be able to improve upon our techniques of eco-friendly living, enlightenment-oriented education and political disruption.

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The Inter-net/television has incredible potential as a learning instrument, if used by the right people for the right reasons. People and non-profit organizations should be able to seize the opportunity to print and publish the news, and then they will be able to tell the public exactly what is going on in any given situation. This powerful tool will provide special interest groups around the globe with the ability to network, educate and activate each other without huge financial costs or other physical restraints imposed upon local activities. This new technology could ultimately serve as a very influencial, practical tool in the global cleansing of the economic system which created it, taking the political corruption which comes along with capitalism down the toilet with it. However, the Internet/television could also turn into the ultimate propaganda tool for the elite, if the information available upon it becomes completely censured. We must be wary of everything we read, including this book!

Equality should be a theme which will constantly be applied to every aspect of our lives, something which has never existed in humanity's history, but, nevertheless, something which must necessarily occur if we are to reach the next stage in the unfolding of the Youniverse. This concept obviously goes much deeper than the cries of equal pay for equal work, equal voting rights for each citizen, or for equal opportunities for specific positions in the federal and local government. Equality of rights is a philosophy which must be adhered to in every aspect of our conscious interaction, something which is still far off in many parts of the world.

The cry for equality has been one which has inspired humanity to revolt against the upper class society, only to have its hopes slowly crushed each time as the elite seems capable of using each new rebellion as a learning experience in order to later solidify their control of the population. We will never give up the ideal of a free, peaceful and equal society. When people are treated as being totally competent in their own affairs and completely capable of creating a comfortable environment around themselves, they will actually go out in life and act that way.

You will get out of the system exactly what you put into it, a truth in life that is all too obvious, too often ignored and never stated in honesty by a politician or wealthy businessman. Everyone will have the opportunity, unless they are not physically capable of caring for themselves in which case they will be provided for, to participate in the workload, teach and learn, and relax as much or as little as they want to. The more work that you do, the better position in society you will have, the more respect you will be shown, the more exciting experiences you will have available, the intimate knowledge you will gain and the more responsibility you will receive. Your stature in life will depend more upon your work ethic, skills and foresight, than upon your family background or physical strength.

In the future everyone will be doing more then they are now because up until now we have been trained by the old institution to sit down, shut up and listen until we are old enough to get a job, buy a television and plug into the commercial mainstream. Once we learn to stop listening so much to the outside world and concentrating on our own personal feelings, needs and wants, then we will become better, stronger, more intelligent people. By clearing our minds, bodies and spirits of all unwanted energies, we can form our beings into harmonic resonance's which capture and reflect all of the world's beauty. As we individually and collectively reach higher states of awareness and consciousness, we will be able to focus our energies upon projects which will make the Egyptian pyramids look like pebbles to a mountain. The raw power of the human will is a force which has no boundary, and if it can be used in such a way that good comes from it, for example towards the resurgence of Cannabis sativa, then we will see some real gains in the global quality of life.

The wisdom and knowledge of shamans will empower us with energies beyond the explanations of modern science. Ancient healing arts are being revived across the planet, with some elders sharing their secret knowledge with young, eager followers, while other forms of purification, healing and energy transformation are being rediscovered or created through dreams, inspirations and illumination. Though some have tried, not all ancient wisdom has been lost.

A new realms of possibilities throughout the Youniverse will be opened when science unites with mysticism. We could be able to form intricate machinery which will be controlled by conscious effort, performing feats of such wonder that it is hard to yet imagine what we might be able to do. Why not ? After all, it is possible to control many functions of the body through conscious effort, and some even claim that all of the internal activities of the body are under some conscious control. So why not believe that the human body could generate an energy which can be translated by an electronic device, especially if chemicals like THC, LSD or DMT are present in the body. The first step towards creating machinery which can communicate like a human is trying to discover the vibes interacting between people communicating on different levels while under the influence of a psychoactive substance. After we have discovered that medium, then we can try to go about creating equipment which could translate that language into something computers understand.

Another shift which will continue to restore our lives to a more natural way of living, will be the embracing of female attributes by people with male-type ego . This will bring about a balance within our community which has been long lost and should allow us to channel even more energy through our being. For a species which has been dominated for so long by a male, authoritative, linear, physical and structured world, this equilibrium is a goal which is far away from becoming a Youniversal phenomena. And we all know by now that there is no other plant or state of awareness, which induces the intense feeling of love, community and peace, like the female Cannabis sativa.

Written history is just that: his story. Herstory has not yet been told. Nor has OURstory or the Youniverstory, which is actually beyond the capability of writing. Women have been responsible for just as many changes in the past and present as men, only they have never publicly or privately been given due recognition by any of the large Western countries or religions because they are controlled by men who used physical violence and/or intimidation to impose their draconian laws and protect their material possessions. We need to use the feminine qualities of love, community and understanding through co-operation, if we hope to survive the task ahead of us. The feminist movement seems to be a process which has developed apart from the resurrection of Cannabis sativa, but there is no mistaking the fact that the two forces have much in common.

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Now we will finally consider what the year 2012 might look like, a view point which is, of course, nothing more than my own perception of a utopian society which we can create from this day onward. That gives us 12 years to turn almost everything on this planet quickly around, if Mother Nature doesn't do it first. By that I mean that there is no way to predict if, where or when a natural disaster, or series of them, were to destroy the surface of our planet. If such a thing were to happen, though, it would be very possible for some people to live somewhere subsisting on hemp seeds and growing marijuana for medicine and pleasure.

Since U.V. rays actually increase the potency of T.H.C. in marijuana and helps the plant grow bigger, if we had to live in underground buildings or under protective covering from the sun and polluted air, we could still grow lots of cannabis in the surrounding fields. Or if we have been decimated to the point where only a few hundred or so people are left alive, we know that they, too, will be able to subsist by eating hemp seeds for a very long time. Or, if we are completely wiped out by a comet or some other extraterrestrial disaster, then all is for nothing and everything we are doing and have done is totally irrelevant. Since there is nothing else we can do, though, we may as well continue our struggle for freedom of the cannabis culture until the end comes or changes start to happen.

After all, everyone and everything must come into and leave existence at sometime or an other, so it would be wise to rule out the possibility of an infinite lifespan of the human race. We were very close to committing suicide as a species during the Cold War. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that time is running out very soon for life as we know it here on Earth. In all likelihood, advanced races of humanoids have probably been wiped off the planet at one time or another by some natural disaster, and why should we be so arrogant as to assume that such a catastrophe could not happen again? So while some look to the stars for new homes to live a new life aboard space-craft, others hope that almost everyone dies and we start all over again. Either way, the only way to glory is proper action.

The year 2012 will see us living in such a completely different world that it is incomprehensible to accurately predict what it may look like. Cannabis should supply many of our basic needs, producing most of the physical materials we need to create an echo-friendly means of production, consumption and waste. Our energy will come from the sun and the sea, while technology will be continually surprising us with new invention and astounding facts of creativity. For example, I can envision an instrument that can translate non-linguistic communications patterns being perceived and produced within a group of people under the influence of the same psychedelic substance. This computer could then take these transmissions and create virtual reality images which represent non-verbal ideas. This changing image could then be sent back to the participants to consolidate their individual mental pictures of the concept into one unified whole. These experiments could be much like the Eleusian Mysteries of ancient Greece with a techno twist.

The Egyptians were able to say more with less words and phrases, and they had the power to build the pyramids using forms of compound energy which we have almost completely lost touch with. They knew how to form a collective consciousness within a group of intense individuals to do things like building the pyramids, which we could not even do today. By 2012 we will have developed a global language which will allow everyone to communicate with the same words with communally understood terminology, which will allow us to subconsciously communicate with clarity because our conscious minds are entangled with each other. Twelve years from now we will be able to say exactly what we feel and know those who received your message know exactly what you are talking about, whether you have just sat down and smoked a joint or not. The music which shall ring through the collective soul shall be heard all over the Youniverse.

Do you still wonder how this will happen? How in this corrupt world of greed and mistrust, this turn around can occur in a society which seems terminally ill? Well, if the answer were easy someone would have done something before now, and the fact of the matter is that we had to develop these problems in order to be forced into answering them. Life is hard and death is easy. If the forces you are up against were not so old and unyielding, it wouldn't be as great a challenge fighting against. The conscious evolution of our species is naturally unfolding.

Cannabis is ready to rise-up to claim it's rightful position in society. The cultural umbrella of the Western world which has suppressed this plant, periodically to the most brutal, severe degree, is ready to crack and crumble. The cycle of production, consumption and waste which has almost destroyed every echo-system on the planet, must be slowed down considerably. We must learn to adapt to life on Earth as a global community, with a limited population, living sustainably in healthy work and living environments. If we do not dramatically change the current patterns of consumption in the Western world, and in so doing completely change the conscious focus of the species, then we shall perish as the environment falls into ruin. If we do not stop wasting our government resources on the War On Drugs, turning our back upon those in society who choose to consume these substances and all of the revenue which results from their continued use, we will never see an end to violent crime, overdose deaths and corrupt legal authorities. Cannabis can help save the planet, but only if we help it along the way.

For all of you who are sitting at home smoking a joint waiting for someone to legalize pot so that the world might become a better place, I have a couple of things to say to you. (One, get the fuck up off your ass and do something about this crazy shit,)*** although I must at least congratulate you for reading this book to this point for that proves that you do some things of your own accord. Two, search for the truth in yourself and in the world around you, and help others with their search, for that is the way we will come together as one YOUniverse. Three, if you thought it was going to be easy then you read too much fantasy. Finally, for those who have just joined this quest for knowledge, peace and love, welcome aboard, the journey HAS JUST BEGUN.

***the editor wanted me to take that out, but I refused. Ted

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