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The signs that change is necessary are obvious and everywhere. This is especially true in large, urban areas where thousands, or even millions, are crammed together in unsafe and unsanitary housing. People are given little money for their labour so that a healthy diet and productive lifestyle are entirely out of the question. Many work overtime in dangerous jobs which not only risk the lives of the workers but also of the community as well. We are policed by a bunch of corrupt and mis-guided ego-maniacs with guns who enforce ludicrous laws to create money and work for the government. Along with a whole host of other problems which result from having so many people packed into small spaces. Through all of this, the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting more poor. !

If you have read and understood everything so far in this book, You should realize that cannabis offers us intelligent solutions to most of humanity's problems. We do not need to recourse to mystical fanaticism or dogmatic ideologies to substantiate this belief. We have fact after fact after fact to prove to everyone that the only hope that our species has is if we embrace cannabis with our mind, body and soul. The pure energy created with the conscious synthesis of humans, Mother Earth and cannabis could result in a world-wide explosion of electrical psychic phenomena.

The only remaining question is what we need to do today, in the here and now, to create a world where cannabis plays an important part in the health and well-being of our species and planet. The first step in creating a better world is deciding to change the way you look at yourself and the world around you from this point forward in time. Your attitude towards life is the only phenomena in the universe which is completely under your control, if you are an aware, fully conscious and free human being. Everyone has the freedom to control their outlook upon life, though those born into slavery, poverty or spiritual represssion, and those somehow manipulated into one of these restrictive environments, have a difficult time escaping the massive mental and physical barriers placed around them by their oppressors. After you begin to appreciate the richness of life every moment, charging yourself with light, love and positive thought energy, you have already changed the world.

A new sense of responsibility is awakened when within oneself when the implications of the current stage in human evolution begin to sink in. Not responsibility for all of the world's troubles and ills, but particularly responsibility for one's actions and words. Thinking, doing and reflecting are one and the same process. While we are continually fluctuating between these focal points within our conscious awareness, we are constantly transforming our being and the Youniverse through each point in time and space. Many people are very obsessed with doing, with things done in the past, possible creations in the future or physical involvement with people or nature. Others love thinking, reading fantasy novels, talking about philosophical inquires and world news, or sitting by themselves dreaming about how good life is or could be. Reflecting upon life, however, is an uncommon, and for some, uncomfortable, activity.

Few know how to practice the art of reflecting. It is a way of thinking that the church/state is doing everything in it's power to stop. When critical analysis of the political and economic activities of the state, as well as the religious and spiritual beliefs of the Church, are carefully examined it will do nothing but discredit authoritative, hierarchical power structures. This ruins the ability of those in control to manipulate the masses for their personal benefit. People are trained to ingest and spit out facts, play with numbers and participate in sports, but we are not taught to criticize and cross-examine what we are told, and what we read. We are, in fact, discouraged from questioning our parents, teachers or any other authoritative figure. Sit down and shut up was a popular theme presented to youth in many Western cultures. When we relearn how to properly reflect upon our environment, we will rediscover a youthful vigor in life and a renewed sense of awareness. If one has the strength and willpower to maintain an equilibrium between thinking, doing and reflecting, then miracles can happen.

Mystical experiences give one a sense of well being and strength which surpass anything most people can comprehend. If individuals had the ability to create everything that they need to attain peace, happiness and prosperity, the elite would have no means of exploiting anyone. They would be forced to begin producing for the public good because otherwise no one will cooperate with them. No one will buy into their promises of riches and gold, which has for so long driven honest people to die early, poor and overburdened. A direct, conscious relationship with the living spirit is true power.

You might now be wondering how marijuana is specifically involved in this transformation. The answer is simple to those who, like myself, have learned to use the relaxing effects of smoking a joint to let go of all thoughts of past and future to live in the present. Each particular point in time becomes new and wonderful, while an influx of exciting ideas penetrates into the deepest part of ourselves and the infinite beauty of existence, before being washed into the next sensation in time. Thinking about your life and the world around you under the influence of T.H.C. is a natural way of reflecting, as mental barriers seem to melt away, exposing certain truths about our lives which were not apparent to us in normal states of consciousness. Many ancient myths alluding to cannabis suggest that after one is initiated into the Mysteries, through a death-like experience similar to that achieved by consuming large amounts of THC, a person is torn into many pieces before being put back together again. These myths could represent the transformation that can occur during mystical experiences where one's ego is never quite the same again after direct contact with the Youniverse.

As we learn to use our ability to discover things in our lives which were previously hidden, we begin to see a whole other world before us, one much different than that portrayed to us by Western society.. Old problems seem to be solved with the simplest actions or spoken words. Frustrations, guilt, and pains are cleansed from the soul like a storm washing a mountain. Dogmatic ideas and ways of living seem more constrictive than a sealed bag. We consciously evolve towards a better way of life.

The myth that pot makes people dopey and lazy is a story that circulates amongst those unfamiliar with the drug, or those who only see and perceive superficial characteristics of the plant's powers. While some weak people can become slow and unmotivated from smoking pot all day long. These people are also likely to become addicted to other patterns of behaviour which are unproductive, and for some of these people marijuana can become a crutch. Others, however, can lead full, productive lives while smoking moderate amounts of cannabis every day. There are two ways, though, that smoking pot does affect a person's desire to work. First, a puff is sure to cause a person to relax immediately, lowering the blood pressure and slowing down reaction time. While at times, with some people, productivity is drastically reduced. With other people on certain occassions, smoking a joint can be inspirational or at least make a boring job pass by faster. The other factor which leads directly to resistance towards work is much more powerful and influencial, though rarely discussed by the media. The fact is the government has condemned cannabis for the benefit of a few rich people, at the expense of the planet, small family farms and social security in general. This is a disgrace upon intelligent, peaceful and honest human beings. If pot made people lazy, this book would not be here.

Once the processes of thinking and reflecting have been properly separated and understood, the art of doing becomes much easier and more productive. An effective activist does not only criticize the old system by reflecting upon past problems, nor do they only sit and dream up utopian societies with beautiful scenery, freedom, equality and small, well structured governments. They must also set out in their daily lives to produce the tools which are necessary in the immediate circumstances to deal with current problems. For to create, one must first destroy, especially when considering personal ideologies and beliefs. A carver must first cut down a tree to make a totem pole. After one has lost the fear of destroying, to relearn the art of creating, then great accomplishments, in both the physical and non-physical world can be completed by the simplest and poorest of people.

Maybe if we go through an example of what someone could do after learning to properly reflect and think. First, we must all agree that main-stream media, television, radio and news-papers, are completely controlled by multi-national families which have been exploiting both human and natural resources for thousands of years. When I read the news-papers, I keep in mind the fact that every article and advertisement written within it is meant to either distract, misinform or direct my attention towards something that these people wish me to believe. This is true of sports, entertainment, editorials, front page stories, news about the Royal Family, e.t.c.. Since the media, newspapers in particular, has been involved in the consolidated effort to suppress cannabis, it is the last industry in the world I expect to begin telling the truth. Because the media is the institution upon which the majority of people obtain their information, this creates a significant problem in exposing the truth.

I realize when I watch a story on T.V. that there is something going on regarding the issue, and that there is much, much more to the story then the press will ever acknowledge. I look for alternative sources of information which come from an entirely different angle from the one I was exposed to, educating myself as much as possible on the subject if it is one of importance i.e. environmental deterioration, military interventions, changes in government structures and programs, scientific experiments and discoveries, cannabis, etc. I tell everyone I know about the things I have learned which are not in the newspapers, on our televisions, or in our school books. We need to start communicating on this level if we hope to regain a global consciousness. I bring the subjects up with strangers to get their point of view, to spread some of my own knowledge and to stir up interest about things that the elite do not want us to know about. It is usually more productive to think with other people and reflect by oneself, though there is nothing like a small group of hard-ass critics. When you are in a constant state of using all three processes, it does not matter if you are alone, with your family, or in front of an audience, and you will, like me, be able to create your own existence.

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The majority spend a great deal of time thinking about what they could do if they had money, then they proceed to spend the few spare dollars they happen to come across as quickly as possible, only to think more about what they will do the next time they have cash. Most people do not actually sit down and reflect upon their spending patterns. They do not write up a list of expenses to see the real cost of an expenditure, in economic, environmental or social terms, nor do they prepare a budget for reference in the future. Big Brother continues to stream out tons of advertising and propaganda about the "high" life of the rich and famous, forcing the average person to ingest huge loads of conscious and subliminal messages which are contrary to their personal beliefs, health, financial capabilities and even contrary to Mother Nature. Lotteries trap the awareness of too many people.

The less one has to deal with money, the better perspective one can maintain regarding the real values in life. This is discovered when one begins to reflect upon their own spending habits and especially when examining government records. As soon as you start to believe that the more money you are making the better off you are, you lose perspective as to the pleasures in life which can never be bought. In economics, pleasure is considered to be an external benefit, not something we can accurately measure. This is opposed to an external cost of production, which includes environmental degradation, poverty and unemployment, inadequate health and housing facilities for the poor, elderly and mentally unstable, failing public educational system, and a host of other problems which are not included in the list of expenses incurred by society when companies calculate costs of production. These external factors are not included in modern economic systems because they cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Once we begin to reflect upon the ways we spend our income, we will use money less and use it far more wisely than ever before. Money is power, and it can be used to our benefit if we understand it. Power and energy need proper channels to flow pure.

One must understand that we are involved in a class struggle which predates written history. The conspiracy which has suppressed the use of hemp and marijuana over the last 60 years was specifically intended to disempower the middle and lower classes. Statistical and historical evidence shows that the rich have created techniques of mass hypnosis, and this is obvious in every figure concerning distribution of wealth and land holdings. Those in positions of authority within these corrupt, power-hungry inner-circles know that they could very possibly lose control of the masses if they were to be inspired by some revolutionary movement. The rich and elite have used every weapon at their disposal to stop this from happening, and to a point, they have succeeded.

One truth is abundantly apparent. Most wealthy people do not really care how many people die or suffer because of greed. Many do not believe that they will be harmed by environmental depletion, and are quite positive that if the world was to collapse that they would be able to live in armed fortresses within which they would be able to produce all of their basic needs. When the book "1984" came out in the 1920's and 30's, the majority of the people thought that it was a frightening, interesting book, but few believed it could happen. A small number of men sat down and thought, "Hey, now there could be an ideal society. I bet there would be hundreds of people living in absolute luxury, in an abstract world where billions of mindless humans provide everything we need to live. Who cares about the brutality? People are always dying from wars and going insane under mental pressure. One day we will need a world government to control this crazy human race, won't we ? Why not big brother ?" And if these men were to sit around and discuss such a plan around 1930, one year after the stock market crash, what do you think the first target might be? What has traditionally been the focal point of the elite's wrath to subdue and tax the lower classes? Cannabis sativa.

For the first time in thousands of years, the general population is truly beginning to see that it is one big, happy, family at the top of the global economic scale, who are earning all of the profits at the expense of 99.9% of the population and the planet. That estimate could even be narrowed down, if we were to look at those who not only control a substantial amount of monetary power, but political power and prestige within the elite circles of society as well. These are who we are up against, if the finger could be pointed at someone, and there should be no mistaking that.

As Karl Marx so eloquently explained over 100 years ago, the great thing about capitalism is that in creating new means to suppress and exploit the lower classes, the rich provide the tools which could be used to take over and destroy the class structure. It is like an ape teaching another primate how to use a club, only to get knocked over the head in thanks. We must all keep in mind that a communist society as Karl envisioned it has never existed. The communist revolution is to be a spontaneous global event, not a political, economic or social event. It is a complete change in life as we know it, not a new political cry, nor an enlightened religious cult. This evolutionary change shall unite the masses of the world into one surging bubble of energy, making all facets of our lives new and wonderful. As the US government and media continued to pump out the lies about communism and Karl Marx, the USSR did nothing but prove the sceptics right. Communism remains misunderstood.

Even though some small co-operative, agriculturally-based religious communities, even countries, operate in a manner similar to communism, nothing close to the real thing has ever existed. This is in part because the technology has not been available to instantly transmit vast amounts of information around the globe, until recently. Now, for the first time in history, we can communicate current information and knowledge not available through the press, or other institutionalized sources. This has become a very important tool in exposing government corruption, while keeping people in touch.

Communities are once again bonding together to help everyone in their towns, having lost faith in government initiatives which have proven time and time again to be lies and money scams. The term Community Economic Development (CED) has become the expression used to generally describe the formation of locally owned and controlled economic entities which generate public and private benefits. Organizations based upon CED principles focus upon basic human economic rights, enviromental protection and skill development. These groups can take the form of worker, consumer, producer, housing or financial coops, land-share developments, non-profit business, credit unions, micro-loan center, community-owned natural resources, business incubator, professional educators and consultants, craft fairs, or simple, unstructured community activities. As these organizations are by definition owned and controlled by local people, the external effects of these activities upon the environment, community, customers and employees is very important to the management. In an act of self-preservation, small towns will rediscover their neighbour's skills and begin working together.

There should be no decisions which greatly affect the general workings of these innovative co-operative communities made behind closed doors. No secret agendas should be able to exploit the group because the community will be too strong and focus, while monetary gain, which is usually what is sought by people which secret agendas, will not be available in a community which is trying to exist without money or concentrated power structures.

We need to start creating alternative forms of exchange, trade and commerce which do not allow governments, or any other middleman, gain taxes or any other material profits, except in the form of external benefits which are shared by everyone, as are the costs. Every time two people, or entities, freely and honestly trade goods, and/or services, with each other, the community as a whole benefits from having two productive individuals involved in a transaction. The reason this system seems so far from our current means of economic activity, why it seems so old and out dated, is because governments cannot collect taxes from barter systems and the accounting records could never be assured of projecting the correct, consistent information about business transactions in the past without having a money standard to base it upon. A community without money cannot be taxed.

Obviously, the current tax system was around long before the Romans perfected it. They were the first to effectively fuse religious worship and the government tax system in order to maintain both spiritual and material domination over all of their followers. The multi-national families of today have smartly thrown away their religious beliefs, at least on the forefront, and have instead began praising capitalism, technology and free trade as the saving grace of humanity.

By rejecting capitalism, by using alternative forms of trade, by having little to do with money or banks, by helping out in community programs, by doing work for yourself and your loved ones without even asking for anything in return, and by buying locally made products in locally owned stores, you can use your money time and energy to fight the corporate agenda. It is time to stop complaining about the problems in the world due to the tightening up of government funds, pollution from factories, human rights abuses, government cutbacks and loss of job opportunities in the marketplace.

Agricultural communities will emerge as big winners in these changes. Many people will be leaving the city to live on farms because that lifestyle is closer to living with nature, it is more relaxed and healthy. The economic incentive will finally be there for farmers and their employees as more people decide to pay more money for better quality food which doesn't hurt the planet.. More people will also be running to the hills to live in the mountains, a worthy trek if one is fully prepared for the hardship and struggle of living in isolation in the wilderness. But running completely away from the cities is not the answer, either. A balance should be maintained between urban and rural life, though the future swing back towards a rural economy could be dramatic.

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A grassroots organization is able to communicate directly with members of the community and, at the same time, influence decisions made by local, federal and international governments. There are 2 things about Hempology 101 which make it perfectly suited to forging a better society. First, by focusing upon education, providing free information with as many hard facts about cannabis as possible, we are empowering individuals with important knowledge. This will increase the ability of each person to communicate with others regarding these issues with an intelligent, thought-out platform. Second, by gathering a group of people together each week to network their ideas and products, as well as organizing larger events, educational forums and fund-raisers, we can install a sense of freedom and trust within the cannabis culture. Not everyone has to work in the hemp industry or the illegal marijuana trade to be included within the movement, and you do not even have to smoke marijuana to be involved, either. Participatory education is very empowering. By simply coming to meetings you are accessing a lot of information which might not otherwise have access to.

Committees or informal working groups may be formed by members of the society which spend time during the week creating and developing projects which are reported upon every Wednesday. This way everyone is completely free to fulfill their personal agenda, speak their piece and help organize larger projects, at their own discretion, which further enlighten, empower and encourage us in our search for wisdom and peace. In many ways the climate generated by proper Hempology 101 gatherings inspires individuals who recognize that the commercial world is not appropriate, and who are looking towards others who share similar viewpoints. Many friends are made in good circles.

We need to develop methods to efficiently educate people about hemp, marijuana and prohibition as we reintroduce cannabis, and the alternative lifestyle of the cannabis community, into mainstream society. Hempology 101 will help to push towards the legal use and full production of cannabis. It will continue on afterwards to do further research and properly inform interested persons concerning cannabis and other psychoactive substances, as well as keeping a forum through which people can address related public interests in health, economics and the environment. As the hemp industry grows larger and more books are being written, sold, read and passed around, the force behind cannabis grows, spreading like rippling waves seen off like a handful of rocks thrown into a pond.

A major step is getting facilities within which Hempology 101 can coordinate events, receive, print and create literature, let people sit and relax in a safe environment to discuss, organize events and read library material and recent events, and manage the distribution, creation and promotion of hemp products, literature and ideals. These bookstore/cafe/club house facilities will soon begin appearing after the first one in Victoria gets off it's feet in the near future. The proceeds from this textbook and membership fees will financially back the openning of this first location. We can gather the people, resources and energy required to change our own lives, and shift the self-destructive courses of action which our species has taken but no longer seems to be in control of.

This book should prove very useful in the struggle to bring cannabis to flower in Canadian society. I encourage anyone willing and able to stand forward and begin organizing Hempology 101 meetings, 420 circles and any other public or private cannabis education opportunities. There is a strength in numbers that is created when enlightened, actualized people gather to smoke the herb in an act of public defiance of the laws. If the advertising for such events is accomplished through word-of-mouth, then the chances of having the law appear is much less. However, every opportunity should be taken to educate police officers about the problems of the War On Drugs, the benefits of smoking cannabis and the corporate conspiracy to eliminate hemp from the marketplace.

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Cannabis is the perfect tool to use in this struggle against the rich By growing cannabis in our homes, gardens, forests and fields, we can rejuvenate ourselves and Mother Earth in direct confrontation with the wishes of the elite. Or maybe they are ready for the change, too? Maybe the rich people in North America are sick and tired of this terrible rat-race which is destroying our planet. Maybe they are looking for the answer, without even having considered hemp and marijuana until reading this book, and are now preparing to take the necessary steps towards legalization? Stranger things have happened in history, you know. Stranger things are happening right now.

Coordinated acts of civil disobedience create opportunities for dialogue on sensitive issues between opposing parties which would otherwise not occur. By carefully planning actions which draw the attention of one's intellectual foe, while drawing media attention and public interest, civil rights activists can effectively channel tension and confrontation into positive, concrete action. One simple act of civil disobedience that many enjoy participating in is growing marijuana. Of course there are many good reasons to grow pot other than as an act of rebellion, but as long as there is a legal risk associated with the growing of marijuana, every plant grow on Canadian soil is alive in spite of decades of government policy. My general rule is one law at a time.

If you want to grow indoors, buy a book. Mel Frank's INSIDERS GROW GUIDE, is one of the better book available. If you cannot use dirt in buckets, at least use organic fertilizers and always flush the plant with nothing but water for the final two weeks of growing. If plants are fed until harvest they produce salts which look like THC crystals, that harm your throat.

While there are many ways to grow pot outdoors, this is my favourite. Find a low wetland area which gets plenty of sunlight and has tall weeds or small trees. Find a spot where the water table is just below the surface and clear a round area 3 to 5 feet in diameter of any rocks or branches. After turning the soil over in the middle of the clearing, dig a trench around the outside perimeter deep enough to create water-filled channel surrounding the mound of dirt. This water barrier stops worms from leaving your garden and prevents worms from eating your plants. You should mix some organic fertilizer into the earth, old barn manure is perfect, but if you cannot pack plant food into the bush, use moss, leaves or other nearby plant materials, other than pine needles. To increase the PH level, you can use ashes from a fire, in the place of purchasing and carrying lime from a store. After you have evenly mixed the soil and nutrients, you can put your seedlings in the garden. As the roots quickly grow, you will not need to water your plants all summer unless the water table drops dramatically or an unusually dry year occur, though you will need to weed throughout the year. It makes sense to tie the plants down as they grow, as you can spread out your garden, increasing your yeild while reducing the plant's visibility. These small gardens are perfect for part-time pot growers who enjoy the outdoors.

This change in public attitude is slowly starting to happen in Europe, where they are producing a lot more hemp and are throwing international drug laws out of local courts. In North America, Canada is leading the way towards more intelligent laws concerning substances and will directly challenge the USA drug policies in many ways. Those in control of the US drug policy, especially the retired US military Generals who have been trading used guns for drugs in Central and South America, will continue to do everything in their collective power to suppress the revival of cannabis. In Europe, though, countries without forestry industries are beginning to grow hemp for fiber, allow the possession of small amounts of cannabis and even distribute legal heroin in maintainance programs. All of these activities are condemned officially by the US government, though more and more people are realizing that the War On Drugs is lost and are looking for alternatives.

Canada is playing a very important role in between Europe and the US. While the War On Drugs rages on in the States, it is almost over in some parts of Europe, and Canada sits somewhere in between. We have been growing hemp since 1993 and in June 1999 Health Canada acknowledged the medical use of cannabis, in stark contrast to American policy. We share the largest unguarded border in the world, which gives smugglers huge gaps between law enforcement officers. Given the vast coast line Canada has, and the high quality pot we are growing in British Columbia, it is no wonder that we have become the world's illegal doorway into the American market. The combination of these factors has even caused some US officials to threaten sanctions against Canada because we are not in control of the drug trade in our country. The fact is, though, that Canadians simply do not agree with the War On Drugs. As we are so close to the States, we can influence it's people and politicians more than Europeans. This strategic position should be exploited by activists.

The term Harm Reduction is commonly used to describe the process of limiting the negative effects felt by individuals and society as a result of drug use and sexual behaviour. It covers a wide range of activities from education about the effects of drug, needle exchanges, methadone and heroin maintainance programs, condom handouts, counselling, detoxication and lobbying the government on behalf of overdose victims, addicts, families and tax-payers. Legalization is a part of Harm Reduction which is often ignored by organizations looking for funding from the government to assist those who have been permanently damaged as a result of prohibition. Some professional advocates are unwilling to risk their jobs condemning prohibition because they cannot support themselves without government funding. Therefore, they are simply contributing to silent complacency similar to guards in Nazi Germany death camps.

When one considers the total number of possible avenues currently available to take towards a better life, it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, if we were not faced with such great challenges, we would not be forced to rise to great heights in awareness, community participation in public policy and intellectual capacity. While it is impossible to generalize with a formula the exact direction each individual reading this book should take, it is very easy to say how these changes will come about. We can change our current patterns of consumption, production and waste by carefully inspecting our personal habits, professional activities and public policies. Improvements within these areas of human activity will only occur when individuals decide to take responsibility for ensuring that positive changes happen. We will not create a better world with wishful thinking alone.

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