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Sign Now: 24 hours to End the War on Drugs at Global Level

By admin | June 1, 2011

To Ban Ki-moon and all Heads of State:
We call on you to end the war on drugs and the prohibition regime, and move towards a system based on decriminalisation, regulation, public health and education. This 50 year old policy has failed, fuels violent organised crime, devastates lives and is costing billions. It is time for a humane and effective approach.

548,420 have signed. 500,000 target reached on Tue May 31! Now let’s reach 750,000. If everyone uses both social media and real world connections to share this message today we could easily double the number of signatures.

Update June 1 2011
Amazing! In just a few days, we blew past our goal of 500,000 voices calling for an end to the war on drugs. Our message will be hand-delivered to world leaders on Thursday, June 2 at a press conference in New York and to the UN Secretary-General on Friday, June 3. The event will feature a live counter of petition signatures, so every one of us counts — let’s keep spreading the word and building this campaign!

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