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Street Meets End – Liberals Will Fight S-10

By admin | February 28, 2011

Hempology 101’s weekly ‘Street Meets’ have been canceled due to a change in policy by the Liberal Party of Canada. On Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2011 the federal Liberal opposition government announced that they will no longer support Bill S-10, a mandatory minimum sentencing bill that would harshly punish small time growers, medical cannabis distribution centres and those who turned their cannabis medicine into edible or topical products. The bill was derided as “dumb on crime” by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

The International Hempology 101 Society has been holding ‘Street Meets’ every Friday and Saturday in Victoria and around the west coast to encourage people to stand up for their liberty and oppose mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. Through holding placards and distributing pamphlets, thousands of people were made aware of this proposed legislation.

Despite supporting the previous incarnations of this bill called first C-26 and then C-15, the Liberal Party has finally responded to the people’s call for sane drug policy. MP Dominic LeBlanc, who has sat on the Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs said, “These bills will put more people in jail, require the construction of new prisons, and require more personnel and operating costs – and yet the Conservatives have denied Parliament the information it needs to do its job.”

Liberal Public Safety Critic Mark Holland said, “Canadians know that spending billions of dollars on U.S.-style mega-prisons to lock up young people will only produce more hardened criminals. It’s a failed American crime policy, and it just doesn’t work.”

We would like to thank the valiant volunteers who stood on street corners, made phone calls to their elected representatives, sent emails or networked online to put a stop to this harmful legislation. We would also like to thank the federal NDP, Green, Liberal and Bloc Quebecois for standing united in evidence based drug policy for Canadians.

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