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International Medical Marijuana Week In High Gear

By admin | February 18, 2011

International Medical Marijuana Week In High Gear

Victoria, B.C.: With the last 4 big events still to come, cannabis supporters have several opportunities to participate in the 1st ever International Medical Marijuana Week, Feb 13-20. However, the highlight of the week is bound to be Tues night, when The Hicks were kicked out of the local gay and lesbian bar, Paparazzi’s for being too offensive! Combining education, entertainment and civil disobedience, the International Hempology 101 Society has organized 9 events over 8 days to bring attention to the legal problems faced by medical cannabis users.

Making their debut at Paparazzi’s during IMMW seemed to be the perfect time for The Hicks to come out, of the bush not the closet. However, patrons and staff at the bar were not impressed, stopping the band from playing its second set. The Hicks, a cross between George Carlin and Cheech and Chong, will have a CD available soon, though many songs have already been released on-line. It is hard to understand why The Hicks were given the boot, especially with THE BALLAD OF …xxx… SALLY being a tribute to a renowned transvestite, but they will be back to light up more Hempology 101 events in the future.

Today is the conclusion of the silent art auctions at The Rising Star Bakery on Broad St. and the headquarters of the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada on Johnson St. Ending at 4:20 pm, the funds for the auction will go towards lawyers hired to defend one of the club’s bakers in a trial that starts in May. With almost 30 pieces of diverse pieces of art up for auction, it is hoped that a couple thousand more will be raised towards the estimated $100,000 price of the trial.

Tomorrow will be the 1st ever cannabis workshops organized by the group. Held in the David Strong Building at the University of Victoria from 2 to 4 pm, participants will choose between a workshop on growing or politics for the first hour, and the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations or interactive activism for the second session.

Sunday is the grand finale, starting with the 12th Annual Cannabis Convention also at the David Strong Building at the University of Victoria from 1 to 4 pm, and ending with a party at the Sunset Room from 9 pm to 2 am. The convention is free and will be broadcast live on-line at, while the dubstep dance is $10 at the door. This year’s keynote speaker is VIU criminology professor John Anderson, who is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. The convention will start with a debate between author Chris Bennett and local activist Ted Smith over the meaning of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Jeremiah Vendermeer from Cannabis Culture will be speaking for his first time at a Hempology 101 event, and will hopefully be bringing Jodie Emery with him from Vancouver so she can give an update on Marc’s status in a jail in Georgia, USA. Bill Finley, owner of Hemp & Co. is the other scheduled speaker.

Next Thurs, International Hempology 101 Society president, Ted Smith, will be making a presentation to Victoria city council asking for assistance in creating a program that would allow the city to grant an Exemption #56 from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to medical cannabis providers. At that time the city is also expected to retroactively proclaim Feb 13-20 as International Medical Marijuana Week.

Call 250-381-4220 for more information.

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