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International Medical Marijuana Day- Nov 15

By admin | November 1, 2010

Victoria, B.C.: After 16 years, this will be the last time International Medical Marijuana Day is celebrated in Victoria on Nov 15. Beginning with a rally at noon at the Ministry of Health, the International Hempology 101 Society will also be concluding its annual silent art auction at 4:20 pm. The City of Victoria has officially declared Nov 15 as International Medical Marijuana Day since 2002.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the police arresting the society’s president, Ted Smith, with 420 pot cookies he intended upon giving away. He was sentenced to 1 day in jail, after a jury convicted him of Possession of THC for the Purposes of Trafficking. Ted does not give out cookies in public anymore.

The proceeds from the silent art auction will be going towards the legal bills of the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada. Last Dec the club’s bakery, at the time located in a downtown apartment, was raided. Owen Smith, no relation to Ted, has been charged with Possession of Cannabis for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possession of THC for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Lawyers John Conroy and Kirk Tousaw will begin attacking the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations at the preliminary inquiry on May 19-20, 2011. A 20 day jury trial is still likely one year away. With legal costs expected to be near $100,000, many fundraisers will be held to help pay for the best legal team in the country.

In concert with activists in the USA, International Medical Marijuana Week will be celebrated here in Victoria from Feb 13-20. A different event will be planned for each day, ending with the 12th Annual Cannabis Convention at the University of Victoria, hosted by the UVSS Hempology 101 Club.

The silent art auction will be held at 826 Johnson St, the headquarters of the CBC of C. The public can come and view the art to make bids, but it is all over at 4:20 pm sharp on Nov 15.

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