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By admin | January 15, 2010

survey-jan11 click link to view PDF of CBCC’s 2010 research study


Jan 15, 2010

Victoria, B.C.: The Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada had its baking location raided Dec 3, 2009 after complaints from neighbours brought police to the apartment.

One person, Owen Smith, was arrested, though now it seems there will never be a trial. While the crown could still decide to proceed with charges, nothing was filed in court yesterday when Owen was required to report.

The Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada has been supplying medical cannabis to people with permanent physical disabilities or diseases for 14 years.

The club offers 29 different edible and topical preparations to about 3,000 sick people.

Today we are teaching people how to make these medicines by our new online cookbook. We are also releasing a new version of our research survey comparing cannabis products to prescription drugs.

Contact Person:
Ted Smith
(250) 381-4220

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