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Federal Liberals at UVIC- Friday

By admin | January 13, 2010

Michael Ignatieff is on a national university tour. The East coast was his first stop and between local and national media (and cpac) there was plenty of coverage. I attended his speech at Dalhousie and it was packed, and it filled up early, so if you plan on going, make sure on going early.

. January 13, 2010 – University of Toronto Mississauga
. January 13, 2010 – McMaster University
. January 14, 2010 – University of Manitoba
. January 14, 2010 – University of Calgary
. January 15, 2010 – University of Victoria
. January 15, 2010 – University of British Columbia
. January 18, 2010 – University of Ottawa
The website lits locations and times of Ignatieff’s speaking tour

Here are some of the questions we’d like to have Michael Ignatieff and his party respond to:

#1 “Young people were shocked that the Liberal party bought into the Conservative’s ‘tough on crime’ propaganda when your party voted for Bill C-15 and mandatory minimum sentences.  I’m with CSSDP, and we spoke with Liberal members who were opposed to introducing this bill, but said they had to vote for it because the party didn’t want to be seen as ‘soft on crime’.  Will the Liberal party stand up and get ‘smart on crime’ during the next session and oppose the use of mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes?”

#2 -  The Liberal party supported Bill C-15 which would’ve introduced mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences. Mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes have been proven ineffective in reducing offences across the world and are being removed across the US in favour of public health models.  Why would your party support a policy that evidence shows will be so harmful to young people and students especially?

#3 – Since coming into power the Conservative government has removed harm reduction from the national drug policy, and attacked harm reduction programs that have proven successful like Vancouver’s Insite.  Instead of fighting this, the Liberal party has remained quiet, and even supported this by voting for mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes, and supported the Conservative’s plan to increase prison spending and building.  Will the Liberal party acknowledge the evidence and actively support harm reduction in Canadian drug policy, or will they continue to bury their heads in the sand and support our failing drug policy?

#4  The YLC (Young Liberals of Canada) has recently adopted the position that marijuana be legalized for personal use. Will the Liberal Party of Canada adopt this policy and stop wasteful prohibition?
check it out here:

#5 – The current government of Canada recently introduced not4me, the latest youth anti-drug program which uses tv, movie, and internet ads.  This publicly funded program is based on misinformation, fear and scare tactics.  These are all elements that research has shown are negative components of a youth drug program which can harm our young Canadians.  Will the Liberal party stop the government wasting tax payers dollars on misinformation campaigns and begin to adopt a fact-based awareness campaigns and policies?  Won’t somebody think of the children?

Remember: if you’re able to attend, bring a video camera and make sure to get your question and his response on tape! Send it to us and we’ll make sure to put it on the youtube site!

thank you to CSSDP for thinking of some excellent questions.

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