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Team 420 by Chris Cant

By admin | January 5, 2010

TEAM 420 is pleased to announce that after the first successful run of kickball at a TEAM 420 drop-in night we held a second game in October. One of the most attractive aspects of kickball is that anyone participate in the game as pitchers and umpires. Drop-in nights are the the third Thursday of the month at the University Campus West, 950 Kings Road. In November we canceled for the weather, and the December drop in games night was a rousing run at the Cultivation board game down at the clubhouse. We will be carrying the board games in the near future. …The inaugural TEAM 420 Frisbee Golf tournament in East Sooke Park, was a modest success. The day gave us an opportunity to fully develop the rules and style of play that we will be using for TEAM 420 sponsored Frisbee golf events. Our TEAM 420 fun specialists decided, in consultation with some more experienced Frisbee golfers, that a low impact, highly mobile, and a modular course is preferable. Using brightly decorated PVC piping as targets has given us the flexibility to accomplish this, as well as allowing us to play in more accessible and confined areas. Another consideration was the environmental impact of traditional Frisbee golf courses. With our design we will avoid many of these pitfalls by creating portable obstacles from recycled materials, and not continually reusing the same natural space. Look for TEAM 420 Frisbee golfers

goofing off around Victoria this winter—especially after the release of our new hemp cloth Frisbees!

TEAM 420 products are available at Sacred Herb: The Hemp Shop, here in Victoria, and are available for those of you who want to grab some official gear before our next event. We are also working on getting our products into outlets in other cities across the country for our fans elsewhere. Mail orders are still available through the website. The next big step for TEAM 420 will be the addition of several new products for the TEAM 420 line. On the top of the list are hemp cloth Frisbees and hackey sacks, but there will be a number of new products forthcoming over the winter months. Thats all for now. Keep healthy and active, and support the

herb! Go TEAM 420!

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