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Police Raid Cannabis Club Bakery by Victoria.IndyMedia

By admin | December 10, 2009

Last Updated (Thursday, 10 December 2009 07:40) Written by Administrator Saturday, 05 December 2009 00:38

Police raided a single bedroom apartment in downtown Victoria yesterday after a complaint from a neighbor about  smells. The apartment turned out to be the site of the Cannabis Buyers Clubs’ extract and baking facility for medical marijuana.

Interview with Ted Smith founder of Cannabis Buyers’ Club

Health Canada has recognized the medicinal properties of marijuana for some time now and has created legal procedures for users to acquire plant material, however, oil and other extracts remain illegal.

The Cannabis Buyers Club has been operating in Victoria since 1996, and has over 3000 people that use their services to treat their illnesses. Over the past ten years Ted and the Cannabis Buyers Club have been victorious in four court cases involving medicinal users rights and distribution. The first step Ted sais will be to begin collecting testimony from their customers to be used in their legal defense.

Ted Smith, the founder of the Cannabis Buyers Club, Canadas’ longest running supplier of medicinal marijuana, says it is unfortunate Health Canadas’ regulations don’t include extracts because these are the healthiest way for people to consume marijuana for medication. Ted points out that in the case of salves and oils, which are used as anti-inflamitory muscle relaxants, the medicine interacts directly with the muscles creating no intoxicating side effects. Ted Stated that they intend to use this unfortunate event to bring attention and force change on this “fatal flaw” of Health Canadas’ policy.

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