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Senate and C15

By admin | November 20, 2009

Now is the final push.. one phone call a day is all that it takes. It appears that the committee proceedings on C15 are coming to a close. At present there have been 9 meetings of the legal and constitutional affairs committee that have called expert witness to present their stakeholder’s opinion in this matter. It seems that there will be a few more sittings of the committee and then they will vote (potentially as soon as Decemeber 3rd). The experts so far have been largely in opposition to the priniciples of the bill as well as the constitutional validity. With the execption of some very biased groups (like the Canadian Police Cheif’s association or The Drug Prevention Network of Canada) the overwhelming sentiment has been a plea to listen to science, history and fact to make these important decisions, as opposed to one’s emotions. I am looking forward to hearing further testimony from some importnat cannabis lawyers on this topic.  Please help us make a big push in the final weeks of out campaign.

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