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Vancouver Island University Hempology 101 Club

By admin | September 25, 2009

The first ever non-smoking 420 at the Vancouver Island University in Naniamo was held yesterday as the VIU Hempology 101 Club kicks off it’s first year on campus.

One of the first campaigns of the group will be to challenge school policy which calls for students to be kicked out of VIU if caught with cannabis on campus. It is because of this harsh policy and the fact that this event is occurring in RCMP territory that club members are even asking legal medical users to wait until after the meeting, off school grounds, before sparking up.

This model of non-smoking 420 circles will likely be used in other jurisdictions where public smoking is very risky- sharing a joint is still considered ‘trafficking’ under Canadian law.

Educating people for free and expressing yourself is, thankfully, still tolerated.

These 420′s will occur every Thurs on the grass in front of Bldg #193, which houses the Student Union,  The Navigator student newspaper, and the school pub. We will be there to provide education, play games and hold 42 seconds of silence for the victims of the drug war.

Other monthly and annual events are also being planned on campus, like the film festival and convention. A game of REACH FOR THE POT is planned for the 420 in two weeks.

Close to 30 students have signed up to the club already and there is little doubt that Hempology 101 will soon be one of the most active clubs at VIU.

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