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Mandatory jail for drugs wrong – by Steph Dahl

By admin | September 17, 2009

Times Colonist  September 17, 2009

Mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes have flooded the prison system in the United States. Putting one out of every hundred people in jail is draining the economy, tearing families apart and not helping Americans win their “war on drugs.”

Canadians should be learning from this terrible example, not following down the same tragic path.

Unfortunately, Bill C-15 is one step away from becoming law. It slipped through the House of Commons with very little media coverage.

It is now up for a third reading when the Senate resumes sitting this week.

This bill would introduce stricter penalties for a variety of drug crimes, including six months minimum in jail for growing one cannabis plant.

We need to stop this ridiculous piece of legislation. I urge everyone to research the consequences of mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes in the U.S.

Canada needs to be researching enlightened drug policy including medical marijuana, not locking up low-level dealers and cannabis cultivators.

Stephanie Dahl

International Hempology 101 Society


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