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PHONE JAM Official Press Release

By admin | September 10, 2009

For Immediate Release:

Victoria, B.C: The International Hempology 101 Society will be initiating a nation campaign to stop Bill C15. PHONE JAM will happen Monday September 14, 2009 from the 8 am in Halifax until midnight in Victoria. We will be calling senators all day to make sure that our senators are informed on this bill before the house resumes the next day.

Mandatory minimum sentencing (MMS) for drug crimes, as proposed for Canada in Bill C-15, have decimated the legal system in United States. We should not be following this example. Overloaded prisons, constant appeals, and powerless judges, all lead to large expenses and generalized punishment for non-violent drug offenses. 6 months in jail for growing 5 plants or sharing 1 joint is disproportionate, and will destroy the lives of many of the youth this law is supposed to be protecting.

According to Sarah Inness, spokesperson for the Canadian Bar Association, “The discretion vested with sentencing judges ensures meaningful distinctions made in the sentencing process, taking into account varying degrees of culpability. Judges are [also] able to impose sentences that emphasize rehabilitation…”. Locking low level dealers and old hippies planting a garden in jail, with hardened criminals unafraid of lengthy sentences, will only serve to increase gang control.

How To Stop Bill C15
Take the time to stand up for your personal liberty. Let the government know that we do not want live in a prison state. Write a letter, an email, or call. Please participate in our PHONE JAM, try to jam the lines of your favorite senator on September 14. Let your government know that we want to talk about theses issues.
Canada has 97 appointed Senators, call as many as possible.
Larry Campbell    (613) 995-4050
Mobina Jaffer        (613) 992-0189
Richard Neufeld    (613) 947-4055
Nancy Raine        (613) 947-4052
Gerry St. Germain    (613) 947-2242
Noel Kinsella        (613) 992-4416
Lowell Murray        (613) 995-2407
Marjory LeBreton    (613) 943-0756
George Baker        (613) 947-2517
Pierre Claude Nolin    (613) 943-1451
John G. Bryden    (613) 947-7305
James S. Cowan    (613)995-4268

Call these numbers to connect toll-free:
1-800-OCANADA(662-6232) or 1-800-267-7362 (senate switchboard)

Department of Justice Canada – Media Relations  (613) 957-4207

(Senators, comprehensive)

Contact Kristen Mann at (250)381-4220 or with any questions                                  


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