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13 Years Of The CBC of C

By admin | January 22, 2009

We are celebrating 13 years of publically supplying cannabis products to people with permantent, physical disabilities and diseases in Victoria on Sun Jan 25, 2009. The Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada started with a pager and pamphlet in Jan 1996, with the majority of intial deliveries being done on bike. We now have over 2,400 members accessing services through our store, which is where we will be celebrating from 7 to 11 pm Sun night. The past year has seen our organization grow substancially, with longer hours, lower prices, more staff, and more products, while paying off a debt of $80,000 that strangled the club for years. This next year should prove to be even more exciting with the formation of our research project. Thanx to everyone who has supported us over all these years.

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