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Updates, Warnings and Suggestions:

By admin | October 18, 2008

Updates, Warnings and Suggestions:

Cannabis Digest #19
by Gayle Quin

First of all, with this expanded issue – the 19th! Edition of Cannabis Digest – I’d like to say thank you to all for your loyal readership, your bravery for searching beyond the “Norm”, and for letting me help with one of the most personal aspects of your lives – your health!

The Club is gearing up for the 6th Annual Silent Art Auction on Sat Nov 15 at 4:20 pm and this year is particularly exciting. Come help us celebrate the beginnings of our research foundation.

October is a busy and fun month. Halloween is my favourite time of year and now it’s even better with Hempology 101 having its 2nd Annual Costume Contest! It’s going to be hard to imagine being better than last years! You can see pictures on This year there will be sponsored prizes for the top three costumes. The festivities will commence at 7:00 at the Law Courts, and expect a visit from Herb the Hempster!

We now have a calendar of events at on the forums, or link through Please look through and join what should become one of the worlds’ most active on-line forums. We will soon be creating our own on-line. In the mean time, you can see last years lectures on you-tube, as well as watching

watching live every Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm at It’s the third year of our free, non-credited, UVIC, Hempology 101 course. This year we have added a power point presentation, as well as having exciting guest speakers as usual. There will be an extended class October 15th with quest speaker Dr. Paul Hornby teaching about Cannabis Chemistry.
Hempology 101 and the CBC of C have the first line of buttons off the press for sale now. There are two designs and three sizes to choose from! We’ll soon have our first set of post cards also!  Watch for t-shirts, stickers and much more in the future.
This winter will be Hempology 101’s 10th Annual Convention –coming soon- this February! It’s one of my favourite times of the year!

I know there has been a lot of excitement with the Federal election going on, but please don’t forget there is also Municipal elections coming soon.  It would be a sad state for Victoria if Phil Lucas was to become a part of our cities officials. Especially since the wonderful Rose Henry announced she will be running for a seat on city council. Rose is committed to be a community advocate with a grass roots approach, such as providing holistic medicines from a preventative prospective as well as community healing. Rose has been an active member of the community for 25 years, showing support for the CBC of C, VICS, and the needle exchange since their beginnings. Rose commits meet with community regularly and to be easily accessible. Roses campaign slogans are “Just Do It” and “Vote Real People In With Real Experiences”!  The first All Candidates Meeting is on October 22 at 7pm at St. John’s the Devine on Quadra St.

So on November 15th, please come to International Medical Marijuana Day at noon at the BC Health Building on Blanshard St., go vote, and then come to the Art Auction! It’s going to be a busy day so eat and sleep well the night before! 

Our bakers are now working 7 days a week but it has been difficult at times keeping up with the demand.  Thanks to everyone for their patience with the edible and skin products, as we have been training new bakers and the products have not been as consistent as usual.  At the same time we have changed the recipes again, in some cases, because we realized the last baker did not make some adjustments that we had requested.  So in the long run our products will be much better, but it does mean the amount of leaf we need is going to continue increasing.  If you know about anyone with good, dry, pesticide-free leaf they could donate to the club, please let us know.

Wild Yam is specific for Multiple Sclerosis and women’s hormone replacement therapies. The protective covering of nerves in our brains is made of mylan. Progesterone is produced in the gonads and is what the brain uses to make mylan. The brain concentrates progesterone up to 20 X higher than the rest of the body, and by the age of 30, 50% of women have quit producing it. The reason to use Wild Yam as massage oil is, progesterone is absorbed 40 X more through the skin than when taken orally. Bile in the stomach kills most progesterone and makes the liver work too hard to process the rest. The same dose orally has to be 70X higher than when used topically. You can easily make your own oil at home by soaking 1 oz of Wild Yam in 1 cup of olive oil for 1 month, (one full moon to the next).

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