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By admin | October 18, 2008


Cannabis Digest #19
by Ted Smith

One of our favorite annual traditions is about to take on a whole new meaning.  Proceeds from the 6th Annual Silent Art Auction on Nov 15 will be used to kick-start fundraising for the wages of the research coordinator.  International Medical Marijuana Day has been celebrated here in Victoria since 1995 with various events highlighting the issues of medicinal cannabis.

After a successful pot cookie give-away in 1999, I was arrested on Nov 15, 2000 trying to give out 420 cookies.  After being convicted of trafficking THC by a jury, I was sentenced to serve 1 day in jail.  In 2003 we held our first silent art auction to help raise funds and awareness for the CBC of C. 

This is the first year the club has not needed to use the funds raised in the art auction for operational purposes.  We have been able to pay off over $60,000 in debts in the past year, while at the same time improving member services, dropping prices and giving the staff more benefits.  Though we hope to continue improving member services and staff benefits in various ways, the club needs to do more on the national stage to make permanent changes in law.  This drive to change the law has steered us towards the formation of a research foundation and drug company. 

If you want to learn more about the research project make sure you read the 19th edition of Cannabis Digest.   There will be several things happening on Nov 15 to mark International Medical Marijuana Day. The Victoria city council is expected to pass another proclamation officially declaring Nov 15 as International Medical Marijuana Day, something they have done since 2002. 

A rally will be held at the Ministry of Health at noon where speakers will highlight the current problems with the distribution and production of cannabis for medical purposes.  The silent art will end exactly at 4:20 pm at 826 Johnson St.  This year we expected to have over 30 pieces of art from about 20 local artists.  Art is often bought at low prices because we have few rich friends, but this allows artists and art lovers to contribute to the club with everyone leaving happy.

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