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2008 Annual General Meeting–Message From The President- Leon ‘Ted’ Smith

By admin | September 24, 2008

2008 Annual General Meeting
Message From The President- Leon ‘Ted’ Smith

Cannabis Digest #19 

Members and the public-at-large are invited to attend the International Hempology 101 Society’s 12th Annual General Meeting on Thursday Oct 14 at 7 pm at 826 Johnson St. This will be an exciting meeting for the society as we are entering completely new territory. Thanks to the hard work and support of the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada, we have been able to invest in equipment and educational tools that will help us improve upon our lectures, web pages and rallies. We now have one of the best cannabis leaf mascots in the world, Herb, who will essentially become the society’s trademark.

We have also purchased a camera, computer, video projector and other equipment to dramatically improve our ability to film and broadcast lectures, conventions, game-shows and other important events. Now that most of the debt of the CBC of C has been paid -the club was in debt about $80,000 a year ago- we are now preparing to go on the offensive against the cannabis laws. A big thanx goes to everyone who supported the group through all these years of turmoil.

After much consideration it has occurred to me that one of the most important steps in the re-introduction of cannabis will be the establishment of the medicinal benefits of plant-based edible and topical products. In an attempt to facilitate this process we need to form a research foundation and pharmaceutical company to create, study and legalize the food and skin products sold at the CBC of C. If you have read CD #18 then you should have a grasp of what we hope to accomplish. An accountant is going to be contracted to review the books of the society so that we can keep accurate records of our increasing revenues and the wages of the research coordinator that will be hired to work on the projects. The accountant will assure transparency to those considering donating to our work while helping strategically plan for the future.

Several Hempology 101 products are being developed, including buttons, stickers, t-shirts, postcards, key chains, etc. These products will eventually be for sale in stores around Victoria and will help pay for the wages of the research coordinator. Another source of revenue will be fundraising events, like International Medical Marijuana Day. We will begin the hiring process for the research coordinator on IMMD this year, with the job starting Jan 1, 2009. At the AGM we will be forming a Finance Committee to help with fundraising and a Research Committee to hire the research coordinator and help the project develop.

With several board members stepping out, there is plenty of room for new people to assist the society on these committees or on the board itself. Some potentially excellent volunteers have already expressed interest in joining the board to help bring these dreams to life. All bi-monthly board meetings throughout the year are open to members and the public, though membership only costs $2, in an attempt to be both transparent and inclusive. Come be involved in the organization that is making the most positive cannabis activism in the country.

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