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Tips For Filling Out MMAR Forms

By admin | August 27, 2008

Cannabis Digest #19 

The Medical Marijuana Access Division (MMAD)
Application Procedural Protocol

Stage 1

1. In order to gain access to the Federal Exemption Program, applicants are required to complete a Doctor Form (B1) or (B2). Both forms are two pages long.
 Each form states what condition is applicable to that form. We only give out the necessary form in relation to condition.
  It is suggested to seek an amount of 5 grams per day, as this seems to be the generally accepted amount at Health Canada.

2. The Canadian Medical Protection Association (CMPA) Liability Waiver is for members  who feel their doctor may not be willing to sign due to existing legal issues, or  for those seeking a doctor for more information regarding Medical Marijuana. The  waiver was released by the CMPA to quell concerns raised by the 60,000+ doctors of  the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the same doctors who received a letter from  the CMPA back in 2004 suggesting they “not sign the MMAD Federal Application due to   litigation factors”· Many doctors seem unaware that this form is available to  help protect them from litigation factors potentially arising from prescribing  cannabis. Both doctor and patient are to sign the waiver, to solidify this form and  bring it into effect. We suggest that all members arm themselves with this basic  information when a doctor is refusing and/or in need of additional assistance.

3. We suggest that members return to the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada once they have  the forms signed in order to get further instruction on how to maneuver through the  Federal regulations that govern the processing the forms for the program.

4. Another suggestion is to contact Health Canada:
 by phone at 1.866.337.7705
 on the web at
 or go to and click “Drugs and Health Products” then “Medical Access to  Marihuana”
Stage Two

1. When a member returns with a signed and stamped B1 or B2 form (with or without a  liability waiver), make sure the doctor has completed the forms correctly with a  stamp (suggested). Ensure the doctor has indicated the amount of cannabis to be  prescribed. The standard request is 5 grams per day.
 Although Health Canada has been pushing for a three gram daily limit, any  prescription for less than 10 grams per day is not usually a concern for Health  Canada. This is stated as a point of reference for staff to inform the member for  knowledge base.

 2. Applicants wishing to possess marijuana must fill out an Authorization to Possess  (ATP) also known as Form A.
 Applicants will be required to submit two pictures. The form calls for the signature  of both yourself and your doctor on the back of at least one picture, however for  ease of processing we suggest having both pictures signed by both the applicant and  the doctor. This is KEY, as incomplete applications will not processed by Health  Canada

3. There are three options for an applicant with an ATP to obtain marijuana:

 i. An applicant can grow their own cannabis at any time by seeking a Personal   Production Licence (PPL). This is done via Form C. The amount of plants a   person can grow will be determined by Health Canada’s formulation:
  a 5g/day licence holder can grow up to 25 plants.
  a 10g/day licence holder can cultivate no more than 49 plants. 
  These limits are set in stone with Health Canada.

 ii. The holder of an ATP may have someone else grow their cannabis for them. The   Designated Production Licence (DPL), also known as Form D must be completed   by the intended cultivator. Form D requires:
  The intended cultivator to undergo a criminal record check.
  Two pictures of the intended cultivator, signed on the back by both the   cultivator and the applicant.

 iii. An ATP Licence holder can obtain their cannabis from a legal source in   accordance with Health Canada’s governing Medical Marihuana Access Division   Regulations (MMAR). If the applicant wishes to order cannabis from the   government supply, the must supply a Form E1. Currently the federal   government offers only one strain (type) of cannabis. The cost is $150 per   30gram bag.  An ATP Licence Holder is not obligated to purchase from Health  Canada.  Cannabis obtained from any source other than Health Canada is illegal until it is in possession of an ATP Licence Holder.
There are no guidelines in place that dictate an APT holder with a PPL need obtain their seeds from Health Canada, however an ATP holder can purchase seeds from the federal government at a cost of $20 for 30 seeds. Applicants must file a Form E2 in order to purchase seeds from the single government authorized strain.

Any ATP holder with a PPL or DPL who wishes to grow at a location separate from their primary place of residence must file a Property Consent Form F in order to legally cultivate at that location.

4. If nothing has changed from the last prescription date, the applicant can renew their license with a Short Form Renewal Form R. This is sufficient if there have been no changes in the applicant’s address, the amount of cannabis prescribed, or the prescribing doctor.

Stage 3

The final and most important step in the application process is the mailing of the application itself. We suggest the applicant double check all forms before sending them in.
The front of the Application one must contain the full address of the MMAD as well as the applicant’s return address.

Mailing address
Marihuana Medical Access Division
Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Program
Health Canada
Address Locator: 3503B
Ottawa, ON
K1A 1B9

The CBC suggests to all applicants to send the completed forms to Health Canada via registered mail. It is imperative however that you not request a signature as part of the registration procedure. Health Canada’s mail department cannot and will not sign for department packages, and will therefore send back the application. Sending the application via registered mail allows the applicant to track the receipt of their applications by Health Canada.

We advise our members to follow up with Health Canada within the first two weeks to confirm that the MMAD have received the application. The usual processing time for the application is currently about 8-10 weeks athough some applicants have received their federal license in considerably less time.
In closing we are happy to have assisted you in federally protecting yourself from prosecution for possession of cannabis and/or cultivation of cannabis. We strive to protect our members here at the CBC by arming them with critical information such as the process we just went through. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask our staff.

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