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By Hempology | April 24, 2008

HEALTH CONCERNS, by Skip LaFleur, Owner of Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions

Just some notes on health and life in a contradictory world. I’m frequently reminded that a global health monitoring and control system is coming to us soon. This system is called Codex alimentarius, and it is being instituted by various international trade organizations to severely restrict or eliminate the sale or use of nutritional supplements.
Codex regulates and encourages the use of genetically modified foods and vaccinations, and dramatically increases the power of the petrochemical pharmaceutical cartel. The stated purpose is to protect people from poisoning themselves with organic food and natural supplements. This will take away our ability to make personal health decisions, destroy our freedom of choice, and place it in the hands of bankers and pharmaceutical conglomerates, for profits.

All foods and supplements will be treated as poisons. The acceptable dose will be one-tenth the amount of any substance that causes any biological response. Yup. Any discernible response. There wasn’t one death caused by supplements in 2005 in the U.S.A. According to the most recently available statistics from the U.S. poison control database. This report, a 124 page annual report is the accumulated data from the American Association of Poison Control Centres and was published in journals clinical toxicology. It shows zero deaths in the population who consumed an estimated 53billion (yes billion), doses of vitamin and mineral supplements. You may download the information at, The vitamin report is at the end of the report. Also refer to or Abram Hoffer, (google his name). Remember, the reason one nutrient may cause various illness is simply that a deficiency in one nutrient causes so many illness. We evolved in a nutrient rich natural environment. Cancer was 1%.

in 1921, today it is estimated at 50% add diabetes etc and well, we can all see where its headed, and it is all for profit. These are referred to as modern diseases. Always eat organically it is cheaper in the long run also much more respectful, pleasant and vital. Nutritional deficiencies and chemicals cause disease, also known as side affects.
Also in the news AIDS maybe cured or relived by high doses of selenium, cystine, trytophane, and glutamine. These nutrients are essential for the body to synthesize Glutathione Peroxidase, an enzyme with potent anti-viral properties. It is a antagonist of reverse transcriptase. Dosage and other info available at You may down load the free book ”What Really Causes Aids.”

Finally, with chemtrails at their zenith, and gray days on almost daily occurrence we get little of the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D3 is one of our most important nutrients, and is naturally available with regular, prolonged sunlight exposure (the sun is good for you). Vitamin D3 prolongs life and greatly improves life and health., Vitamin D3 deficiency plays a key role in the development of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, anxiety, sleep problems, depression (anxiety eventually, usually becomes depression) Several types of cancer, reduced mineral absorption, menopausal problems, birth defects, etc. You may refer to the vitamin D council and doctor Remember no one has died from vitamins, but, approximately 200,000 people die of a visit to the doctor in North American every year. Recommended Vitamin D3 dose is approximately 20000 units/day, with a good natural multivitamin eg, New Roots/New Chapters or Thorne Neutratcueticals. Don’t take synthetic, drugstore or super market vitamins as this is what the pharma researchers use to discredit real vitamins and other supplements.

Love and Light – Nature cures/side affects are future business

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