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By Hempology | March 26, 2008

Sat, 8 Mar 2008
Tuscola County Advertiser ( Caro, MI )

Dear Editor, In ref: to Keith Campbell & Bob Wood

As the Executive Director of Michigan NORML ( National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws ), I am both honored and blessed to have members in our organization like these two men.

Our state wide membership is made up of good, hard-working folks from all walks of life, who stand in solidarity to say, “Enough is enough!!” in regards to Cannabis Prohibition.

I myself am 60 years old, a born-again Christian, a minister of God and a responsible, adult cannabis consumer for 42 years now.  I deplore drugs of any kind, prescription or otherwise, but cannabis is my sacrament, my medicine and my choice for recreational use.

What has happened to Keith should never happen to any American citizen, but it does every 42 seconds now, leaving their lives in total destruction, while we, the taxpayer, pick up the tab and condone it.

Search your heart and ask yourself if someone growing a few plants and using them in the privacy of their own home threatens public safety, or affects you in any way.  Then, just imagine if the same thing happened to you in your home while having an alcoholic beverage, smoking a little tobacco or even having a cup of coffee, because your government said it was prohibited.

Then, you will know what Keith Campbell is going through.

I have been to Tuscola County, been to Caro, and I found it to be a warm and friendly farming community.  Keith is one of you.  Bob is one of you.  Treat them with the respect that they deserve and help us stop this insane violation of everyone’s civil liberties that has been going on for 72 years now.

God bless you all and thank you,
Rev.  Steven B.Thompson

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