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9th Annual Cannabis Convention at UVIC

By Hempology | February 7, 2008

9th Annual Cannabis Convention
Sunday, February 10th 2008
David Lam Auditorium, McLaurin Building

1:00 to 4:00 pm

Cannabis Convention Speakers

Chris Bennett, the world’s top cannabis historian
Chris has written two books on this subject, Green Gold, The Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion, and Sex, Drugs, Violence and the bible. He will teach everyone about the use of hemp, hashish and cannabis in the 1800’s.

Joanna McKee, with Green Cross in Washington State
Joanna will give us an update on the ongoing campaigns in the US against the federal government.

Dr. Paul Hornby, from the Green Cross Society of BC
Dr. Hornby will give a presentation for the Green Cross Society of B.C. He tests the club’s cannabis and they display the cannabinoid profiles of THC, CBD and CBN in their products.

Michelle Rainey, is facing extradition to the US
Michelle suffers from Crohn’s disease, has a license to possess and grow cannabis from Health Canada. She will be informing the audience about the legal process that her, Mark Emery and Greg Williams are going through, as well as how others can help.

Jim Byron, retired as US Customs Inspector and joined LEAP
Mr. Byron is also a volunteer with the King County Bar Association Drug Policy Project in Seattle Washington. His first hand experience proved to him that the War on Drugs could never be won.

Kirk Tousaw, a practicing lawyer and social justice activist
Kirk is involved in many important cannabis cases. He will be highlighting the constitutional flaws of the MMAR and share his thoughts on fighting Bill C-26.

For more information visit or call 250-381-4200

View the 9th Annual Cannabis Convention poster on our sister site

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