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By Hempology | January 8, 2008

By Ted Smith

The International Hempology 101 Society will be hosting our 9th Annual Cannabis Convention at the University of Victoria on Sun Feb 10 from 1 to 4 pm. This year’s event will feature many veterans from the anti-prohibition community.

It will start with author Chris Bennett, the world’s top cannabis historian, who will teach everyone about the use of hemp, hashish and cannabis in the 1800’s. Chris has written two books on this subject, GREEN GOLD, THE TREE OF LIFE: MARIJUANA IN MAGIC AND RELIGION, and SEX, DRUGS, VIOLENCE AND THE BIBLE, and has been the opening speaker at almost all of the conventions.

The second speaker will discuss various modern devices used to consume cannabis, i.e. vaporizers, and how to make hashish using different techniques.

She will be followed by Joanna McKee from the Green Cross in Washington State. Joanna will talk about her past battles with the law over the use of cannabis as medicine as well as give us an update on the ongoing campaigns in the US against the federal government.

Dr. Paul Hornby will then make one of the first public presentations ever for the Green Cross Society of B.C. That group formed just over one year ago, only the second compassion club to open in Vancouver. Dr. Hornby tests the clubs cannabis and they display the cannabinoid profiles so members know the amount of THC, CBD and CBN in their products. More information about the Green Cross Society of B.C. can be found at

The next speaker will be Michelle Rainey, who is facing extradition to the US with Marc Emery and Greg Williams. Michelle, who suffers from Crones disease, has a license to possess and grow cannabis from Health Canada. She will be informing the audience about the legal process that the trio are going through, as well as how others can help their cause. Her web page is

We are pleased to announce that we have another speaker from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition coming to this year’s convention. Jim Byron joined LEAP after retiring from over 30 years as a United States Customs Inspector. His first hand experience proved to him that the War on Drugs could never be won, and that the government would be better off legalizing dangerous drugs to take the profits away from organized crime. Mr. Byron is also a volunteer with the King County Bar Association Drug Policy Project ( in Seattle, Washington.

The final speaker will be lawyer Kirk Tousaw. Kirk is involved in many important cannabis cases, including the VICS trial with their 900 plant grow-op. He will be highlighting the constitutional flaws of the MMAR and share his thoughts on fighting Bill C-26. See more of his work at

The UVSS Hempology 101 Club has grown into the largest student club on campus, with well over 420 members last year and even larger turnouts at this years events. We teach a free lecture series 6 months of the year at the University of Victoria, which are available live on-line through The convention should also be available live on-line, and as much footage as possible will be posted later on youtube.

For any more information about the 9th Annual Cannabis Convention call 250-381-4220 or email

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