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Updates, Warnings and Suggestions, by Gayle Quin

By Hempology | November 30, 2007

A special thanks to all those who participated in this years round of Hempology Contests, and we hope you winners thoroughly enjoy the bragging rights you earned!

12th Anniversary of International Hempology 101 was well attended, with a march around town ending up at our winter location at the Ministry of Health Building. We have enjoyed many evenings of laughter and education while watching “Reach For the Pot? hosted by Ted Smith. Unfortunately, as you can read on the front page, these weekly meetings are now ending, but stay tuned for future special Hempology 101 events.  For example, on Dec 19 we will be going around town and singing our Cannabis Carols, starting at 7pm at the Ministry of Health.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I get to announce our dear friend Mike is no longer in jail. A very grateful thanks to all those who signed the cards for Mike, he said they made his stay much more tolerable, as no other inmates had such a display of solidarity to see them through. With all due respects, I know Mike will use the time spent incarcerated for a greater purpose than those who put him there ever intended! I look forward to Jan. 30/08 when Mike will be teaching “Growing Cannabis? at the University Lecture. Keep On Growing!  You should check out some of the lectures on YouTube by simply typing Hempology into the search engine.    

The 5th Annual Art Auction is well on the way so come and look at the walls! They are covered with original works from over 15 local artists.  It’s a silent action so come and place a bid whenever you’re able. Action culminates at 4:20 pm Nov. 15, International Medical Marijuana Day. Great thanks to Honourable Mayor Lowe and Victoria’s City Council for their ongoing support with medical cannabis issues.

One of the main problems we personally as well as a group face is getting physicians to be co-operative when it comes to filling in Health Canada ATP’s. Doctors are warned and even threatened with the removal of their licenses if they fill out the forms. I have had potential members come to me wondering how best to approach their doctors to become members. I give them a copy of the product guide and ask them to educate their physicians about the 27 edible and topical cannabis treatments that we supply. Many have come back sooner with more supportive results than expected. It is only through proving its efficacy that we will get physicians and political support to get laws changed. So with that in mind, I would ask you all, please, to do the same thing, take a product guide to your doctor and help educate them.

The Marc Emery/Michelle Rainey/Greg Williams extradition trial has been delayed again until January.  We hope to have Michelle speak at the 9th Annual Cannabis Convention on Feb 10, 2008.

At the last AGM the membership voted to drop the cost to join the society from $10 to $2.  You can read more about it on page.  Help us become Canada’s largest cannabis legalization organization in the country by joining.
Check out the new web page for the CBC of C at  Be patient, though, as it will take a bit of time for the site and forums to be fully operational.

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