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Hello folks, by Skip LaFleur

By Hempology | November 30, 2007

Today could have been a wonderful, beautiful day, full of sunshine and birds, here in Victoria B.C. but, as has been for the last year, it was chilly and metallic grey.

The reason for the “grey year? is aerosol sprays, or chemtrails. When you awaken in the morning, look outside at the sky. You will probably see aeroplanes crisscrossing the sky dispersing chemicals. These chemicals, are often said to be normal condensation trails, i.e. contrails presumed to be the normal phenomena of high flying jets. They are not.

Contrails only exist at high altitudes. Conditions must be freezing and arid. Conditions that simply don’t exist in costal areas like Victoria. These are jets equipped with devices for dispersing biologics and fine powders. Also, you may have noticed lately an unusually large number of people suffering respiratory problems and other maladies, never before experienced. When you take the time to look up and watch their macabre air show notice the dense white or whitish chemtrails that flow out, gradually dispersing and forming the science fiction looking sky. These aren’t innocuous substances, they are toxic metals: aluminium, cadmium and barium. They are what we commonly refer to as heavy metals. Also. Having a practice that puts me in touch with people, who are trying to improve their health and well being, alerts me to the consequences of exposure to the airborne pathogens, it’s devastating to all of us. These substances are anti-biotic. We are biotic. They accumulate in complex organisms, wreck havoc, and become extremely damaging. 

Aluminium easily penetrates the brain-blood barrier and accumulates in the central nervous system. I really recommend that you take a little time out of your busy schedules, and investigate the problem. It’s deadly. Something to consider is the immense profits gained by exposing people to poisons. As the petrochemicalpharmaceuticalcartel says, “side-effects are future business?. Makes me wonder about the pilots and ground crews. They know the dangers; they have restrictions regarding exposure, yet they persist in poisoning their families, friends, neighbours and every other living thing. How, can they sleep at night?  There is a film on line called Aerosol Crimes. Google it two words. In the film, there’s a female Naturopath who gives sound advice. Information on how you may protect yourself. Essentially, you must focus on good dietary practices, things like eating natural, preferably, organic food, clean water, herbs, essential fatty acids and good quality vitamins. Organic food is richer, not chemically saturated, so you can eat less and feel better. Call your M.L.A. Eat lots of greens. Buy in bulk.

Don’t eat out of bags and cans. It’s toxic, and a waste of money. If you can afford it, buy air filters. I purchased an I.Q. air filter, from Switzerland. I sold my motorcycle for the money. I’m glad. My wife and animal friends are glad too. Regarding animal friends, treat them as the equals they are. Take away religion and were all equal. Finally- learn, know your subject. Research the topic as much as possible. Tell others and don’t be afraid to tell the truth, even when your voice falters. Remember; Nature cures, side effects are future business.

Happy Trails

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