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Wednesday Hempology Meetings Come To An End

By Hempology | November 9, 2007

For Immediate Release

Tues Nov 6, 2007

Ted Smith

Victoria, B.C.: It is a sad time for the Victoria cannabis community. The world’s largest weekly pot rally is coming to an end. After gathering every single Wednesday evening for over 12 years, Hempology 101 is having its last weekly public meeting on Nov 7, 2007. Ironically, it was not the police or the law that has stopped the meetings, nor was it lack of support as usually at least 75 to 100 come most nights. There have too many people drinking at the meetings, despite constant attempts to stop any alcohol consumption at the rallies, and the potential for violence from drunk people and other trouble makers is great enough for us to stop the meetings. Nothing serious has happened, but if Hempology 101 cannot stop people from drinking and keep the meetings safe, then the party is over. The recent violent incident at the all-ages show at the Fernwood Community Centre proves how difficult it is to maintain peace on the streets of Victoria right now.

The International Hempology 101 Society will continue to educate the public about cannabis and prohibition in other ways. In fact, on Nov 15 we will be having a rally for International Medical Marijuana Day at noon at the Ministry of Health followed by the conclusion of the 5th Annual Silent Art Auction at the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada at 4:20 pm. Certainly the weekly lecture series at the University of Victoria will continue, as more energy will be directed towards the UVSS Hempology 101 Club, the largest student club on campus. This year we will be hosting the 9th Annual Cannabis Convention at the University of Victoria on Feb 10, 2008. We will continue to organize an annual tournament for our game show, Reach For The Pot, in May and June, as well as a few other favorite Hempology 101 events.

Many visitors and residents of Victoria have fond memories of the 681 Hempology 101 Weds night meetings that have been held all over town. We have gathered at every possible location in the downtown, including the Parliament buildings, Beacon Hill Park, Centennial Square, Bastion Square, Market Square, Eaton’s Centre, the courthouse, library, B.C. Museum, Inner Harbour and the park by the Johnson St. bridge known as the Whale Wall, where the first meeting was held Sept 1995. While a couple of possession charges were laid at a meeting years ago, no one has been convicted for possession of cannabis at any Weds night meeting, despite many times when the police showed up. We have held joint rolling, pipe and bong contests, marched all over town, protested an International Crimestoppers Convention, played games and smoked large amounts of the herb at these meetings over the years.

The last Weds night meeting of Hempology 101 will be held Nov 7, 2007 at 7:00 pm at the Ministry of Health. Many old friends and supporters are expected to be there. For more information about International Medical Marijuana Day, the University of Victoria lecture series or other activities of the International Hempology 101 Society you can check out or call 250-381-4220.

Visit link below to view media interview with Ted Smith, founder of the Victoria Hempology101 Club.

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