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Cannabis a God-given herb

By Hempology | September 28, 2007

Mondovi Herald-News, WI
27 Sep 2007


A new medical marijuana bill named for Mondovi resident Jacki Rickert, a longtime Wisconsin medical cannabis patient-activist, will be introduced in the coming weeks.  In a press conference Tuesday, Sept.  18, in the Senate Parlor at the State Capitol in Madison, State Reps.  Frank Boyle ( D-Superior ) and Mark Pocan ( D-Madison ), announced they are planning to introduce “The Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act” in early October, calling it Wisconsin’s “most comprehensive medical marijuana legislation to date

“I’m real proud that for the first time we are giving the bill a real name,” Boyle said.  “This bill will forever be known as the Jacki Rickert Bill.”

Ten years ago in September 1997, Rickert led 15 medical marijuana patients on a 210-mile wheelchair “Journey for Justice” from Mondovi to Madison, which reached the Capitol on Sept.  18, 1997.  The 1997 Journey for Justice was dedicated to the memory of Jacki’s late physician, William E.  Wright, of Mondovi, who gained approval for her participation in a federal medical marijuana program only to see George Bush the elder close it to new patients in 1992.  Prior to Wednesday’s press conference, Jacki led a “Last Mile” wheelchair march up Madison’s State St.  to the Capitol as part of a “Quest for Justice” commemorating the 1997 Journey and honoring patients who passed on in the decade since. 

Rickert, the first of a group of medical cannabis patients to speak at the press conference, noted, “You see living, breathing, rolling, walking evidence right here.  We wouldn’t come all this way to lie to you.  Why would anyone lie about something like this? It would be much easier to just stay at home and go, ‘hey, it’s not my problem.’”

Rickert is also the founder and patient coordinator of Is My Medicine Legal Yet? ( ), a non-profit group dedicated to spreading awareness and furthering access to and research of, cannabis for medical use.

“We know it works.  We know it’s not going to kill us,” Rickert said.  “I have never had an allergic reaction to a God-given herb.”

“The Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act” is now being circulated for cosponsors and will be formally introduced and given a bill number in early October.  Jacki’s group is also working with the office of State Sen.  Jon Erpenbach ( D-Middleton ), on an informational hearing on medical cannabis to be held in Erpenbach’s Senate Health committee this November.  State Sen.  Kathleen Vinehout ( D-Alma ) is the vice chair of the committee.  To contact your state legislators, call the State Legislative Hotline Toll-free at: 1-800-362-9472.

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