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Letter to Editor: Beware false accusations

By Hempology | September 26, 2007

Castlegar News, BC
19 Sep 2007
Barbara Murdoch


Dear Editor:
Last week’s front page feature, “Problems with drug house ” has raised my ire.  I’m certainly not one to go to bat for folks who are rowdy all night, and I understand if you don’t want to hear fowl language while meditating on the garden swing.

I’m reassured to read that police in Castlegar do not have all the power we think they do.  Down in the states, police can seize your property if you are being merely accused of a drug crime.  In one instance a couple in their 80′s permanently lost their home because their grandson had marijuana.  Lives have been ruined, children have been taken from their parents because of the US drug war.  Pretty soon American military will find reasons to come up here.  We must guard our civil rights and our sovereignty.

Legalizing drugs, says economist Milton Friedman, reduces crime and raises the quality of law enforcement.  Most Canadians know this.  Regulated sale of drugs would help keep them from minors.  If we knew which drugs were really good, we’d never reach for any that were scarier than transfats.  Maybe we wouldn’t try the devil’s weed, if we were enlightened.  What if our parents said, “Just say no ” and pointed to www.erowid?

The writer of the well-written article may not be responsible for the header which goes; “Problems with drugs house still exist despite bust.” Someone’s home is labelled a ‘drug house’ when there is apparently no substantial evidence for that.

If you didn’t have any drugs, how would you feel when your home is called a ‘drug house’ on the front page of the paper? Everyone who reads the paper will think the worst of you or the worst of drugs.  The Castlegar News should call if for what it is: the neighbour’s behaviour is lacking some class.

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