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Letter to Editor: Waste of resources

By Hempology | August 30, 2007

Victoria Times-Colonist, BC
28 Aug 2007


Re: “Pot raids extinguish a million joints,” Aug.  25.

According to the article, it took the RCMP, municipal police and the Canadian Armed Forces four days to capture 10,000 pot plants — a million joints, they gleefully proclaim.

I did the math and a million joints works out to about 250 kilos.

I could easily fit that into the trunk of my car.

There is mention of the use of three Sea King helicopters in finding these evil weed-growing sites.

I am appalled at the amount of money and resources used to find such a minuscule amount of the dreaded herb.

Methinks it would be way less hassle and a lot cheaper to just buy it on the streets of Victoria.

Marijuana is not ever going to go away.

Stopping its production is like trying to stop the tide — it’s not going to happen.

Marijuana is a most benign drug.  Perhaps these huge resources should be directed at crystal meth, which is surely not.

Robert Matthews, Victoria

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