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Letter to Editor: not just marijuana

By Hempology | July 28, 2007

The Oregonian, OR
26 Jul 2007


The Oregon Crimefighting Act ( Initiative Petition 104 ), referenced by Allan Erickson in his July 23 letter to the editor, is not just about medical marijuana.

The Oregon Crimefighting Act provides tax credits for donations to drug rehabilitation programs, establishes methamphetamine strike forces, toughens prison penalties for repeat sex offenders, imposes jail time for repeat drunken drivers, authorizes use of retired police as volunteers, and much more.  It has 15 substantive provisions designed to be our D-Day assault on crime in Oregon.

One section replaces the Medical Marijuana Act with a prescription program for people with debilitating conditions that previously might have qualified them for a medical marijuana card.  This carefully crafted program assures the provision of medication through a prescription program but would no longer validate easy opportunities to grow and distribute marijuana.

Mere possession of up to one ounce of marijuana remains as it is now: a civil penalty. We propose to replace the Medical Marijuana Act with this taxpayer-supported prescription program for the truly ill because of the abuse of the current law.

Kevin L.  Mannix, Salem

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