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Community not ready for storefront dispensaries

By Hempology | July 28, 2007

Press-Enterprise, CA
25 Jul 2007
Mark Muckenfuss


Fontana’s City Council unanimously passed a new ordinance Tuesday night prohibiting the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries within the city.

In April, officials had placed a temporary ban on such businesses while the issue was being studied.  The Planning Commission subsequently produced an ordinance that bans any storefront dispensaries. 

Such dispensaries, which operate in some California cities, including Los Angeles, grew out of the passage of Prop.  215, the medical marijuana law approved by voters in 1996.

In its ordinance, the Planning Commission cited “an increase in crime in the vicinity of dispensaries …  that has been observed in communities where medical marijuana dispensaries have been allowed to operate.”

Medical marijuana advocates dispute such claims.  But Craig Johnson, 48, of Fontana, who spoke on behalf of medical marijuana users, admitted he “did not think this community was ready for storefront dispensaries.”

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