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Letter from Truffle

By Hempology | March 16, 2007

Editors Note: Mike is and has been a strong supporter of the med movement. Mike is currently serving a one year prison sentence for what we beleive in. (see March 05/07) Another victim of the sensless “drug war”. Write your local representative,tell your friends or anyone who will listen that this immoral war must stop NOW. On behalf of all of us at Hempology and “The Club? we wish much peace on this faithfull warrior and our hopes that time passes quikly and much is learned. Seeya in the fall!

To all the kind souls at the C.B.C.,

My current predicament has left me plenty of time to reflect. And unfortunately for me, a great deal more time to do likewise. With a visit from Ted and Gayle, I feel I have the opportunity to share all or some of these thoughts.

I have always held the utmost conviction for what I believe in. Until recently my beliefs have met with little resistance. Mainly, because truth, is infallible. Only now has my faith come under siege. I am all too aware that it’s easy to declare faith when it comes at no price. But as I have been condemned for what I hold dear and true I now have a fuller understanding of what conviction can ask. As I was kept in good stead by my belief prior to uncharted waters. So to am I now. Which is why I am so heartened by the gesture conveying to me all your encouraging words and well wishes. When I received your gift of the placard, I felt awash in the knowledge that every one of you not only stands by me, but that each of your convictions are as immutable as mine. It means the world to me, for that I will simply say thank you.

May the compassion you have continue to further the cause that we all know to be true and needed. Ill anticipate the day when I can walk through your door and commune with you all. Until that most happy day I wish you only the best of peace and love. Sincerely, Truffle

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