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Shroom to Grow

By Hempology | March 9, 2007

OPP, RCMP Bust Massive Pot Operation At Ottawa-Area Mushroom Farm

MOOSE CREEK — A mushroom farm east of Ottawa contains what police believe is the largest indoor marijuana grow operation ever busted in eastern Ontario.

“It would be great competition for the Molson plant,” OPP Det. Sgt. Paul Henry said, comparing the grow operation to the January 2004 raid at the former brewery in Barrie.

Provincial drug officers stormed the Nordik Imperial Mushroom farm on Hwy. 138, about 60 km east of Ottawa Tuesday morning, after receiving a tip from Crime Stoppers last month.

Inside the 32,000 square-foot building, police found 3,100 marijuana plants worth an estimated $3.1 million. Officers also found eight people, some of them still sleeping in cramped, makeshift bedrooms.


“There wasn’t a whole lot of shock in their eyes,” Henry said.

Henry, speaking at a press conference in Embrun yesterday, said the grow operation had the potential to produce $3-million worth of marijuana a month. He figures a large portion of the drugs were destined for the U.S. and he suspects American authorities might “very quickly” get involved in the investigation.

The RCMP is also assisting the OPP, along with immigration officials since one accused is not a Canadian citizen.

Henry said although there are no specific links to organized crime, the grow operation has all the hallmarks of a criminal network.

The warehouse was filled with brand new growing equipment and had fresh electrical work.

There were no weapons or booby traps found in the building.


Henry said officers have seized $230,000 worth of lighting systems, $400,000 worth of building supplies and an electrical isolation transformer.

Police believe the grow operation was in its infancy, only running for about a month before Tuesday’s raid. Henry claimed the bust was a major victory because the alleged growers weren’t able to make money off the marijuana.

The farm appears to have been used to legitimately grow mushrooms in the recent past.

Charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and production are: [redacted].

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