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By Hempology | February 23, 2007


The City of Penticton’s new anti-grow-op legislation is getting its first test after RCMP seized 250 pot plants, weapons and a quantity of dried marijuana from a local home. Under the bylaw, adopted by Penticton council last April, landlords could face a maximum $5,000 fine upon conviction and be liable for remediation costs.

Members of the RCMP drug task force raided a home on Chatham Place at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. In addition to the marijuana plants, police seized about four kilograms of dried marijuana, five firearms and two crossbows. 

A man and woman, both 25, were arrested at the scene and face charges of production of marijuana, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and theft of telecommunications related to electrical and water system bypasses. The man has also been charged with careless storage of a firearm.

No names have been released. The couple are to appear in court April 16.

Jack Kler, the city’s director of corporate services, said Wednesday the city intends to follow through with enforcement of its new bylaw.

“We have the authority now to recover costs incurred by the RCMP in dismantling the grow-op,” Kler said. “It also gives us the authority to terminate water and power to the residence.”

The city will post a notice on the front door of the home, stating the residence cannot be reoccupied until it has passed an inspection.

If a bypass of the home electrical meter is discovered, the city can bill the homeowner for the estimated loss of electrical revenue. Non-compliance would mean court action and possible fines.

Kler added if it is a rental home, the registered property owner will be notified and supplied with a list of the city requirements before the home can be rented out again. “We’re exercising the full extent of the bylaw,” he said.

Meanwhile, RCMP Corp. Rick Dellebuur said those entering the Penticton detachment office Wednesday morning gained a strong indication that a drug bust had occurred. The odour of the seized marijuana permeated the building.

“All you could smell was the marijuana in the office. They store it in the ( evidence ) room and it gets into the ventilation system,” he said.

The marijuana has since been taken elsewhere

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