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Hemp Shop Owner Delays Plans To Open Medicinal Room

By Hempology | February 22, 2007

Brantford expositer Feb 20/07

REGINA – A Saskatchewan hemp shop owner says he will delay opening a smoking room for medical marijuana users until he knows if it’s legal.

Dean Foster, who owns Field of Dreams in Regina, had planned to open what he calls a marijuana “inhalation room” last week and even sent out flyers advertising memberships.

But he told Global TV Regina that Saskatchewan doesn’t make provisions for inhalation rooms the way other provinces do, and he’s worried he’ll be raided if he lets people light up.

“There isn’t very many places where people can actually smoke their marijuana – even if they are medically approved – without being persecuted,” Foster said of why he wanted to open the room.

Foster explained that some people, such as renters, aren’t allowed to smoke in their own homes.

Police in Regina say it’s a federal matter, and that Health Canada deals with the regulation of medicinal marijuana. Health Canada, however, says it’s up to local law enforcement whether to prosecute.

Tom Shapiro, a medicinal marijuana user in Regina, said an inhalation room could be useful.

“I think it would be a good idea for people who are restricted to where they can smoke,” Shapiro said while rolling a joint in his home on Tuesday.

“Why not give it a shot and see what happens?”

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