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8TH Annual Cannabis Convention; Sun. Feb. 11/07

By Hempology | February 1, 2007

VICTORIA, B.C. : The 8th Annual Cannabis Convention on Sun Feb 11 could have one of the most exciting line-ups of speakers ever gathered together at the University of Victoria to talk about the plant and the problems of the drug war.

This year will feature former RCMP officer and past director of security of the University of Victoria, Hunter McDonald, who is now a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Other speakers include Greg ‘Marijuana Man’ Williams, who was arrested with Marc Emery and is also fighting extradition to the US, author Chris Bennett, lawyer Robert Moore-Stewart, Seattle Green Cross founder Joanna McKee and Dana Larson, owner of Vancouver Seed Bank and founder of eNDP Prohibition. The 8th Annual Cannabis Convention is at the University of Victoria, in the David Lam Auditorium, 1-4:20 pm. Free admission. Contact:

Hunter McDonald was involved in the arrest of Ted Smith at the University of Victoria of Nov 8, 2000 and informed him that he was not allowed back on campus until the end of the court proceedings. Ted politely informed him that not only would he be allowed back on campus, but that he would be teaching classes before Mr. McDonald retired. In an article in the Martlet, Nov 20, 2003 he was asked about the weekly 420 Hempology 101 meetings. “It’s not on our radar. We have much bigger problems to deal with: sexual assaults, violence and rapes,? said Hunter McDonald, Director of Campus Security. “If you look at the problems we have, they don’t involve kids smoking dope at the fountain.?
Hunter is now a private investigator.

Greg Williams was arrested with Marc Emery and Michelle Rainey in July 2005, and charged with conspiring to distribute marijuana seeds, money laundering and conspiring to cultivate cannabis by US DEA officials who have applied for all three to be extradited to that country. Since that time Greg has been the manager of the popular web site POT.TV. The extradition hearings begin in May, 2007.

Chris Bennett has written two excellent books on the history of cannabis and prohibition, GREEN GOLD, THE TREE OF LIFE; MARIJUANA IN MAGIC AND RELIGION, and SEX, DRUGS, VIOLENCE AND THE BIBLE. He will talk about the historical medical uses of cannabis.
Joanna McKee founded the Green Cross Patient Cooperative in 1993, giving free cannabis to patients until she was arrested in 1995. A judge eventually threw out charges against her, and she has since retired from the front line. She will be telling us her story and giving us an update on the medical clubs in the USA.

Robert Moore-Stewart represented local activist Ted Smith in four trials and two others related to police raids at the CBC of C. He has also represented some growers and members of the club in various circumstances while practicing law in Victoria. He will be talking about the current status of the laws in Canada.

Dana Larson has been involved in various cannabis and anti-prohibition groups for over a decade on the West Coast. Former editor of Cannabis Culture, Dana has opened a new store, the Vancouver Seed Bank, on Hastings Street with the hope of using his seed sales to further the legalization movement. He has formed eNDProhibition to educate supporters and representatives of the NDP about the follies of the drug war and the benefits of legalizing cannabis.

This promises to be one of the most exciting annual conventions the society has ever hosted. The UVSS Hempology 101 Club has been growing in numbers every year, and with the excellent line-up of speakers for this year, attendance should be the best ever.

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