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NDP Convention Guide Refuses eNDProhibition Ad

By Hempology | January 12, 2007

eNDProhibition, which is made up exclusively of paid, official members of Canada’s New Democratic Party, has its advertisement refused at the last minute by Ontario NDP Secretary
I was just informed that the End Prohibition ad is being pulled from the Ontario NDP Convention Guide. I submitted the ad on December 22, which was their deadline. Apparently the convention guide goes into publication January 11, but I received an email sent from Ontario at 5:30 their time today, January 10, saying that “The NDP office will not run your ad… sorry,” with no further explanation.

So I made some calls and found out that the decision to pull the ad was made by Diane Oreggio, the Ontario NDP Provincial Secretary. She made the decision by herself and apparently as Provincial Secretary the convention guide is her responsibility.

I have emailed Diane and also left a polite message on her voicemail. I hope to be able to speak to her tomorrow morning, before the convention guide goes to print.

I was told by her assistant that the ad was being pulled because Diane felt that it was an “issues” ad and therefore not appropriate in the convention guide. But they had only seen the ad today and so that was why the short notice on bouncing the ad the day before production instead of letting me know when I submitted the ad on Dec 22, or even when I booked it on December 7.

There is nothing in the convention guide ad sales package which mentions any sort of prohibited ads. However, the ad is not an “issue” ad, it is an ad promoting our group of NDPers working together on an issue which is in line with NDP policy. In my email to Diane, I asked if they would also refuse ads from groups working to support human rights, or groups advocating union rights, or an ad from a group celebrating Pride for homosexuals?

I am hoping that any Ontario NDP members on this list can send a POLITE email to Diane Oreggio and ask her to reconsider her decision to pull this ad. Please don’t be rude, or insulting to her in any way.

Just tell her that you heard that she has the responsibility of deciding which ads go in the convention guide, and that you would be disappointed to see the Ontario NDP ban our ad from their convention guide. Would they ban an ad from Amnesty International or Gay Pride Canada or the Canadian Labour Congress because they were “issues” ads?

Mention in your email that you are a member of the Ontario NDP, and if you are a delegate then also mention that too.

Diane Oreggio can be reached at this email:

Please cc your emails to me also, at

These emails need to be sent right away as I will be talking to her on the phone tomorrow morning (Thursday, Jan 11), and the convention guide is going into production tomorrow as well.

Thank you for your help and support!

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