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Dr. L. Grinspoon and Hilary Black Leave Cannasat

By Hempology | November 17, 2006

Editers Note: The following letter describes Dr. Grinspoons reasons for leaving. We would like to wish Hilary

and the good Dr. the very best in future jouneys.

Dear David,

In response to your last e-mail let me briefly outline my reasons for
resigning from the Cannasat Scientific Advisory Board.

1) When I first heard the complaints about the PPS marijuana which was
being sold as a medicine I became concerned about heavy metal and other
contaminants and shared my concern with Andrew Williams of Cannasat and
asked him if I could see the toxicology reports. I was promised that they
would be sent within two months, as soon as they were available. I asked
for them several times over the course of more than a year; I never received

2) As one who has more than once been threatened with lawsuits and the
loss of my license to practice medicine for things I have written on
cannabis, I was disturbed when I learned that a lawsuit was threatened
against Philippe Lucas in connection with what he wrote about his concerns
about metal contamination and gamma radiation of the PPS product. In my
view, Philippe was behaving in a morally responsible way to raise these
questions and his freedom to do so should not have been challenged in the
way that it was.

3) From the time of the creation of the Scientific Board my counsel was
sought less and less frequently and not at all in connection with any of the
major decisions made in connection with PPS and its product, the direction
of the research, etc. It seemed pointless to remain on the Scientific
Advisory Board of an organization in which I had little influence and
growing doubts.

Early on I met some delightful people and enjoyed working with them. The
standout person, of course, was Hilary Black, whom I have always admired,
and now that I know her through her work with Cannasat, admire even more.
She is a great asset to this movement.

Warm regards,


Lester Grinspoon M.D.
Harvard Medical School
35 Skyline Drive
Wellesley, MA 02482

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