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By Hempology | November 9, 2006

The latest letter we received from Health Canada (see page 2) revels the level of ignorance and arrogance the staff in the office exhibit when dealing with compassion clubs and individuals. We will respond with a letter in the next issue and push even harder for the changes in law regarding resin that we are requesting, but it seems futile when the federal government seems intent upon denying this medicine to the sick. Ironically, this letter was sent to us 3 days after the research programs on medical cannabis were cut from the budget, proving the power players in Ottawa have no real intention to complete research which may lead to mass distribution of the herb. Health Canada plans to stop issuing Licenses to Produce Cannabis in 2007 and force people to consume the questionable product from the mine in Manitoba. Prairie Plant Systems was given a 1 vear extension to their contract in October.

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