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Letters from 2 Activists

By Hempology | November 3, 2006

Oct 03/06

To everyone at the U Vic Hempology101 Society. There is almost nothing I can do to that would truly express the utter gratitude and thankfulness I feel for your sincere gesture and I am very grateful.

Dini, W.D., Lise, David, J.W., Smashly, Josie, Edit, Rob, Chellie, Dustin, Chalms, Steve and all those names I couldn’t read. Of course, the Buzz Bunny and T. Ma

ncini. Thank you for taking the time to send your warm, bright words of encouragement. In my darkest hours I commend each of you.

More and more I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of the cannabis culture and how we are having a profound impact towards liberty and justice beyond what we can immediately see.

I have no fear about the future. I have no real despair about the challenges we must overcome before we reach the goal of freedom. Up in Smoke and the Hamilton Hash Mob’s spirit continues to survive in Ontario. When I’m released “Still Smoking? will open in a more tolerant and normalized society to force the issue once again.

My heart and mind are filled with thoughts and prayers for each and every one of you hemp soldiers on the “ Left Coast?, and please know your “right? is still working harder than ever. I’m proud of everything I did and will always fight these unjust laws until they are repealed. It is truly inspiring to know I have such strong and noble support. Thanks again!

Peace and Respect

Chris Coodwin 420 loud and proud.


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