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Jailed Pot Advocate to Run for Mayor

By Hempology | October 2, 2006


WEST NIPISSING, Ont. – A marijuana advocate says he expects to be released from jail in time to campaign to become mayor of this northeastern Ontario town.

Speaking from a North Bay, Ont., jail, Michel Ethier said Wednesday he has no plans to withdraw from the race even if he is the only candidate challenging incumbent Joanne Savage.

“I have no intention of throwing in the towel,” said Ethier, who is awaiting trial for marijuana related offences. “If she wants to pull out … that’s fine with me.”

With acclamations expected in each of the community’s seven wards, some residents have said Ethier should withdraw because it could cost the municipality as much as $50,000 for a mayoral campaign that most voters won’t take seriously.

Savage said she would never suggest anyone should be forced to withdraw from an election campaign. But she said residents are upset at the possibility of footing the bill for an election only to hear a platform they’ve all heard before.

Ethier, 49, finished a distant third in 1998 and garnered 63 votes in his second run at the mayor’s seat in 2003.

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