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Free Lecture Series begins at University of Victoria

By Hempology | September 8, 2006

1_ted_s-graduation.jpg INTERNATIONAL HEMPOLOGY 101 SOCIETY
For Immediate Release
Friday, Sept 8, 2006
Victoria, B.C.:  For the first time ever, a free lecture series is being offered at the University of Victoria by the UVSS Hempology 101 Club.  The class will start at 3:30 every Weds in Room #061 of the Elliot Building and will end just after 4 pm so that everyone can get to the 420.  The classes are free and open to the public.
These classes will be taught by activist/author, Leon ‘Ted’ Smith, with some support from special guest speakers.  Ted is the president of the International Hempology 101 Society and has hosted over 1,000 rallies and meetings in over 11 years of activism.  In Jan 1996, Ted founded the first compassion club in Canada, the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada.  The CBC of C is now the second largest medical club in the country, with over 1,900 members, and all staff have been acquitted from charges laid during 4 police raids on the store.  Ted has also been convicted for sharing a handful of joints on the university campus in Nov 2000 and for a cookie giveaway that occurred the same month.
The lecture series will be based upon the Hempology 101 Textbook that Ted wrote, which is available on-line at and will hopefully be available for sale in stores next year.  A broad range of subjects will be discussed, from the history of prohibition to the current hemp industry.  For each class a prepared handout will highlight reference materials that students can use for research.
Last year the UVSS Hempology 101 Club was the largest student club on campus, with over 300 members.  This years annual cannabis convention will happen on Feb 11, 2007, somewhere on campus.
Sept             13             Cannabis B.C. (Before Christ)

20                  History of Prohibition
27            Cannabis Around the World

Oct      4               Hemp Seeds + Other Products
11             Cannabis Research
18                 Cannabis and Your Health
25                  Families and the War On Drugs

Nov      1              Cannabis and the Media
             8             –break—
            15            Medical Uses of Cannabis
            22            Health Canada and the MMAR
            29            History of the Cannabis Buyers Club

     Jan  10            Hemp History
            17            Marijuana Tax Act of 1937
            24            Economics of Legalization
            30           Growing Cannabis
Feb      7             Cannabis Chemistry
            14           Medical Cannabis Products
            21           –break—
            28           Cannabis and the Law
Mar      7             Social Impact of Prohibition
            14           Pot in Politics
            22           Medical Cannabis in Canada
            29           History of Hempology 101

For more information please see or call Ted Smith at 381-4220.

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