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Victoria Rotary Open to Medical Cannabis

By Hempology | August 18, 2006

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      Though I could hardly believe it myself, I made a medical cannabis presentation to the Victoria Harbourside Rotary Club on the morning of Weds Aug 16, 2006.  It was a very positive experience, without a single negative comment from the group of about 75.  In fact, many of the comments and questions at the end were quite encouraging. 

      The presentation covered a broad range of topics from the medical applications of cannabis, the historical, medical uses of the herb, prohibition, Health Canada, and the history of the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada.  A ripple went through the room when it was mentioned that Queen Victoria used a cannabis tincture, as recommended by her doctor, to help with her severe menstrual cramps.  After all, this group sings God Save the Queen at the end of every meeting.

      The invitation to speak came from an old rugby teammate from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont. who is now an active member of the Rotary club.  An important member of the Rotary Club recently passed away after struggling with cancer, but apparently he used cannabis to combat the nausea and pain with enough success that he regained weight.  When this gentleman lost his life to cancer, my friend Robert ‘Bob’ Simon thought that the Rotary Club should learn more about the issues around the medical uses of cannabis.  After all, the motto for the Rotary Club is “To encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.?  It is wonderful to see that members of the Rotary Club, traditionally one of the more conservative groups in society, are very accepting of the use of cannabis as medicine and consider the job of providing services to these people in the current legal climate to be a humanitarian effort.   

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