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Liberal Party of Canada to Staff: Stop Smoking Pot or You’re Fired!

By Hempology | December 19, 2005

An Executive Assistant to a sitting cabinet minister up for re-election came to Cannabis Culture with this Confidential Memorandum to all employees of the Liberal Party of Canada.

by Marc Emery (16 Dec, 2005) Cannabis users’ rights to privacy

Confidential Memorandum to Employees.

On 12-09-2005 an executive motion from the leadership of the party was adopted that may or may not affect you. The executive motion is as follows:

(i) Sanctioned by the Executive Committee of the Liberal Party of Canada and put into effect by an executive motion; pursuant to the party’s constitution and bylaws. Put into effect now, with a grace period until 01-26-2006. Employees and “paid members” of the Liberal Party of Canada shall refrain from consumption; in any form, of the narcotic substance called cannabis (marijuana).

(ii) This executive motion allows for in-office testing for the said substance. In addition employees suspected of other narcotic substance use may also be tested for the suspected substance.

(iii) Employees who have tested positive for scheduled substances may be terminated. Employees who have been terminated may appeal their termination.

(iv) If terminated under this executive motion he/she is entitled to full salary renumeration owed by the party.

I have scheduled testing at LPCBC for 01-26-2006 between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Thank you for your time.

Jamie Elmhirst, President
Liberal Party of Canada (BC)

The person who brought in this memo says “I smoke every day and it’s going to force me to choose between my Party and my lifestyle. I’ve smoked pot with my minister, so I’ll be curious to see if Cabinet Ministers are to be tested also.”

Considering the Young Liberals overwhelmingly endorsed a pro-cannabis resolution at the last Liberal Party of Canada convention, it seems to go against the consensus of the Liberal Party. It will be these young Liberals many of whom are often assistants, executive assistants to Ministers, secretaries, Members of Parliament who will now be weeded out of the Party.

During elections, all former Liberal Party staff and employees are considered volunteers, and then re-hired on January 26, after the election. It is then that urine analysis of all Liberal Party employees begins.

Many Liberals are known alcohol drinkers, and Paul Martin himself has admitted to eating pot brownies baked by his wife, Sheila Martin, in the late 60′s and early 70′s.

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