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By Hempology | November 24, 2005

High school pot-smokers who get behind the wheel are the targets of addictions awareness week that kicked off yesterday in Manitoba at the Circle of Life Thunderbird House.

In Manitoba, more than 40 per cent of high school students have used marijuana, according to the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, one of 20 community groups involved in awareness week.

Canadians ages 14 through 25 have the highest rate of pot use in the world, according to the Canadian Public Health Association. It launched a national poster campaign yesterday after a recent survey found that many youths think pot-smoking doesn’t impair their ability to drive a vehicle.

The poster shows commercial airline pilots lighting a joint in the cockpit as they prepare for take-off. The caption says: “If it doesn’t make sense here, why does it make sense when you drive?”

“Teens weren’t aware that driving under the influence of cannabis was a problem,” said Dr. Christiane Poulin, Canadian research chair in population health and addictions at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and the force behind a standardized student drug use survey in the Atlantic provinces.


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