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By Hempology | October 23, 2005

He’s run for political office more times than a family of 10 runs a bath, and fans of Tim Felger will be pleased to hear he is not slowing down his efforts.

In fact, rather than going for one position this municipal election, the pro-marijuana candidate is doubling his efforts by running for council in Abbotsford and for the vacant mayor’s post in Mission.

According to Felger, it is “time for politicians to declare peace in the war on drugs.”

“Our enforcement policies are just lipstick on the ugly face of prohibition and they have done nothing to solve the addiction problem or provide treatment and education,” Felger said.

Felger is campaigning under the banner “Parks R 4 Kids”, which is based around promoting harm reduction techniques.

“This will get the addicts off the streets, the homeless out of the parks, stop the escalating violence, car thefts and other drug addicted crime like prostitution.”

If elected, Felger said he would get minors out of prostitution and, through regulations, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

“You can not chase the drug addicted street prostitutes out of Mission and not expect them to end up in Abbotsford,” Felger said.

“The fish don’t only swim on one side of the river. We need a regional approach to dealing with the drugs and the environment.”

If elected to both council in Abbotsford and mayor in Mission, Felger said he would seek to organize joint meetings with both city councils within 90 days of the election to address harm reduction issues.

He also said he would address the prevalence of crystal meth in the community with treatment and education programs.

“We need to look at our cost of waging the war on drugs, and that includes the cost in human suffering. We need to identify the money we can save by ending prohibition and regulating these public demands’” Felger said.

“I am against all government tax increases, so I am talking about shifting resources from enforcement to treatment and education. No new taxes.”


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