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Homeless man asks judge for drugs back

By Hempology | October 20, 2005

A homeless man stood before a judge in provincial court Tuesday, requesting the two grams of marijuana seized from him be returned.

As he pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance, Roland Levert, 42, asked Justice Ralph Carr if he could forgo the $150 fine imposed and just get his pot back.

The court heard that on Aug. 29, a security guard at the Good Samaritan Inn suspected Levert, who was living there at the time, was in possession of marijuana

The guard phoned police, who detected a strong odour emanating from Leverts room when they arrived. After being questioned about the odour, Levert produced a bag from his left jean pocket that contained a green substance, said federal Crown prosecutor Lynn Cayen.

There was also the stub of what looked like a joint and Levert produced some rolling papers from his right pocket.

Cayen said there was about 1.5 grams of marijuana, valued at $21. She was asking for a $200 fine.

He must be made aware and realize these crimes are not acceptable in society, she told the court.

Duty counsel Calvin Ferrier said Levert has no income, no fixed address and is living off of savings.

Levert questioned the need for a $200 fine.

Im not going to pay $200 for a $15 crime, he told Carr. Just give me back my two grams. It ought to be legal.

Carr took Leverts financial situation into consideration, and imposed a $150 fine.

Smoking dope is not going to make your life any easier, he said.

The drugs were forfeited to the Crown.

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