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Warning: DEA SEED TRAP – Updated Aug. 18

By Hempology | August 18, 2005

Emery Seeds has been raided by the DEA.
Emery Seeds is out of business.


by Jodie Giesz-Ramsay (15 Aug, 2005) Emery Seeds is out of business. And the fall-out may be devastating on many levels.

Jodie Giesz-Ramsay is the assistant editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, and has no affiliation with Marc Emery Direct Seeds.

August 18th, 9:00am

New York state added to the list.

People have been asked for $200, another difference from the $100 and $50 requests.


Two more states, one more province, and another from Australia, all added to the list at the bottom of this page.

So far, about 50 people have notified us that they got this letter in the mail between August 5th and now.

THIS LETTER IS BEING SENT WORLD-WIDE. There are photos (from different people) at the bottom of this page that show the letters and the different names and passwords used.

Some good news is that seed orders sent to the two mail addresses between July 29th and August 15th have been RETURNED TO SENDER. Many people can look forward to receiving their money returned in the mail.

IF YOU RECEIVE THE DEA STING LETTER described on this page, please contact or with the following information:

1) What state or province you live in
2) When you placed a seed order (before June 2005, or after)
3) How you placed a seed order (through mail, through phone, etc.)
4) How you paid (Money Order, Western Union, etc.)
5) Did you get your seeds? If so, when?
6) When did you get the letter?

If you want to mail me the letter and envelope you received, for our own evidence, please send to:

Jodie Giesz-Ramsay
2102 – 1155 Seymour st.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1K2

You can black out your address, if you have any concerns about security.


When seeds were sent in June and July, they took unusually long to get to their destination – and in some cases, did not arrive at all. Quite a lot of seed orders — we’re talking at least 200-300 letters here — were being intercepted somehow, and held up.

What we believe is that the addresses on incoming mail (seed order forms and payment) sent to us were matched up with outgoing mail (seeds) that had our return address, in the months of June and July. Those outgoing letters were held up after we sent them.

But even if mail was opened, that is not enough to incriminate you for sending that letter. Nothing in our outgoing orders implies that you asked for what we’re sending. Prosecution will require that those people who get the letter from the DEA incriminate themselves by agreeing that they wish to receive seeds, will pay $50-$200 and more to get those seeds (and the 20 extra ones offered) and through acknowledging the letter by sending payment through Money Gram or Western Union, prove that they asked for and paid for seeds that were sent out to their address.

If you thought there was an unusually long delay in receiving your order from the time you were aware it was sent, then it is very likely your order has been confiscated, and you have, or will, receive the blue letter.

If you sent money to the name on the letter, I believe you may be in danger. Be very alert, very cautious, and take appropriate action.

This is a regrettable discovery, and means the DEA and RCMP and perhaps other agencies are coordinating a massive round-up of both Canadians and Americans in a considerable escalation of the Drug War.

We will give you more information as it is corroborated.

These Letters are FAKE and DANGEROUS.

If you received this same type of letter shown in the photos below, YOU MAY BE IN DANGER. The Government may be trying to get you to “admit” that you ordered seeds.

We have NOT sent out any information to our customers, as we did not retain their records. All records were destroyed.


We would warn any large-scale growers to IMMEDIATELY CEASE YOUR OPERATION.



Be careful when dealing with marijuana seeds, and be on the lookout for any scams or stings seeking donations or information.

It might be best to refrain from buying seeds at any and all outlets and online businesses, whether in Canada or the USA. The US government and DEA are waging war, and many hundreds of people can still be implicated.

DON’T RESPOND to any mail or email claims from anyone posing as Marc Emery Direct! We will convey all legitimate information to our people through Cannabis Culture Online and the Marc Emery Direct Seeds website.


They ask you to send a Western Union or Money Gram of $50, $100, or $200 to any random name, always written in CAPITAL LETTERS, in VANCOUVER. They all tell you to use the security password “SWAP”, “CONVERT”, “FLIP”, “SWITCH”, “CHANGE”, or anything similar.

They say you should not use a PO box in your address — the reason being, they can’t search a PO box for grow ops.

WESTERN UNION HEADQUARTERS is working with the DEA. WE KNOW THIS. That’s why they ask you to use it. When you send a Western Union, you have to show ID, you give your home address, phone number, location, everything the DEA needs to find you. And anyone using the key passwords… they’ll have you right on the spot.

Let me explain why this is likely DEA, and not just a scammer.

The DEA was photographing all incoming mail sent to the two addresses given in (a) the seed catalogue and (b) at the Emery Seeds website, respectively, and all mail being sent out to customers in June and July of 2005.

In doing so, they could record all of the addresses on the outgoing mail, as well as incoming mail.

Now, they can’t “prove” that these pieces of mail are seed orders. What they can do is send their own mail to all of those addresses, with a letter included (the one we have posted everywhere) posing as Marc Emery Direct.

If some unsuspecting customer of ours gets that letter, they will:

a) go to Western Union or get a Money Gram to send $50, $100, or $200 to the name of the person on the letter;

b) show their ID and fill out all of their personal information on the Western Union form to send payment;

c) they will write down the key security passwords, as expressed in the letter;

d) they will send their wire to the name on the letter — pre-determined names set by whatever group is behind this; and

e) they will then send an email to or with:

-(i) confirmation of their order, of which we DID NOT send out or keep (most people just waited by their mailbox),

-(ii) the money control number used by the other end to pick up payment (so they can pick up your information with it),

-(iii) the name used to both order seeds and to send the wire, and

-(iv) the amount of money transferred.

When someone responds to this letter by sending money, it confirms that YES, they did order seeds. They clearly did, because they wouldn’t have the right name or the password or the location from the letter otherwise.

Also, the use of capital letters is a “legal thing”. The system of Roman contract/admiralty law doesn’t recognize lower-case letters and for a “name” (that is, a series of letters associated to a “person”) to be legally applicable, must be in all upper case.

For this reason, all court documents, etc. use upper case exclusively. (If you are ever filed with legal documents that spell your name as “Joe Blow” and not “JOE BLOW”, they can be thrown out of court because you can claim, legally and rightfully, that the name on the document does not apply to you. To get around this the first thing they try to do is get you to acknowledge that you are “Joe Blow” and from then on you’re pretty much screwed.)

We know that the DEA was taking photos of the orders sent to us for seeds.

We know that the DEA would love to have people “admit” they ordered seeds from Marc Emery Direct.

We feel very strongly that this is Law Enforcement trying to sweep up a lot of our customers, many whom are growers.


How Can You Really Help?

You can donate by credit card by going to: Legal Defence Online Donations.

If you want to contribute to our legal fees, which will add up to over $100,000 in the next year alone, please send a check, money order, or cash to:

BCMP Bookstore Help
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If you wish to support, because it receives no other revenue than your donations, please send a check, money order or cash to:

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If you wish to support the continued survival of Cannabis Culture Magazine, because it can no longer receive seed company advertising, it needs subscribers, advertising and donations immediately. You can send a check, money order or cash to:

CC Magazine Help
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People in British Columbia who can use a very lucrative TAX-CREDITIBLE RECEIPT can donate to the BCMP. The BCMP needs to pay for phones, office and our full time organizer and legal team co-ordinator KIRK TOUSAW, who, although called to the bar in both Canada and the United States, is working for food & rent money. He’s a lifesaver, and the Party is made vital through your checks, money orders, and cash donations (under $100) to:

307 West Hastings st.
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If you would like to send a check or money order directly to senior counsel of our legal team, send to:

John Conroy In Trust
2459 Pauline st.
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 3S1

Please also take the time to watch Marc Emery’s public address on Pot-TV.

If you can’t watch the video, you should read Marc’s message.

You can hear from Michelle Rainey, co-accused, in her appearance on the Marijuana News Global Report on Pot-TV.

There is extensive discussion and regular updates at our CC Online Extradition Forum at the Cannabis Culture Forums.

Thank you for giving back to an organization that gave so much to the marijuana movement. Now we are in need, and we hope we have support in the world wide cannabis community.

Notify me at or if you receive this DEA letter.

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