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Pot expert disputes average joint size

By Hempology | July 27, 2005

Philippe Lucas calls police estimates of the amount of pot required to make a joint ridiculous

By Sheila Potter

Saanich News
Jul 27 2005

SAANICH Whenever police bust grow ops, they give a dollar estimate of the amount they seized – street estimates that are often met with skepticism on the street.
So last week when Saanich police announced they seized 11 kilograms of pot and equated that to 55,000 joints, enough to last a single user 75 years, Saanich News approached a pot-smoking expert.
That is ridiculous,” said Philippe Lucas, head of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society and Canadians for Safe Access, societies which supply medicinal marijuana to those with a doctor’s recommendation.
Lucas is a medical marijuana user himself and is a frequent critic of the quality of medical pot grown by the Canadian government. He heads numerous scientific studies in pot quality for medicinal use.
The man knows his pot.
According to Lucas, the police used far too small an estimate of the amount of pot (0.2 grams) that goes into one joint.
I can assure you that is just a pinch, just a tiniest amount,” he said.
At most, one can only get three joints from a gram, Lucas said.
And we’re not talking about cannons from the ’70s here,” he said. Today’s joints are quite modest in size, probably because of the potency, Lucas said.
That means 11 kg produce 33,000 small (yet high quality) joints per year, only enough to last a single user 45 years, smoking two joints a day.
That is still a lot of pot.
Saanich police Const. John Price wasn’t impressed by Lucas’s critique.
So he’s making a fatty,” Price said.
The 0.2-gram per joint estimate came from the department’s street crime unit, which have seen some skinny joints in their day by high school students wanting to stretch their $20 purchase.
If he (Lucas) is growing his own, he is going to be more liberal,” Price added.

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